Why pigs should always have blankets

Pigs in blankets || cityhippyfarmgirl

It’s a bit old school I know. It also depends on what corner of the globe you sit in, as to what your blanket might be made of.

Bacon, pastry or bread? Anyway you choose, it’s a thing and the thing is to enclose that little sausage (or pig) in a blanket of your choosing.

Now why would you got to the trouble? Because it’s too easy not to. It makes for a slightly different dinner on the run, kid friendly meal, or maybe a picnic filler. Don’t be put off if you are vegetarian, just fill it with something else!

pigs in blankets 03 || cityhippyfarmgirl pigs in blankets 04 || cityhippyfarmgirlpigs in blankets 02 || cityhippyfarmgirl

Pre cook some sausages…use your favourite locally produced organic ones, and allow them to cool before placing the dough around them.

Bread, I’ve used a faster acting yeasted bread recipe for this, as I wasn’t particularly keen on waiting for sourdough to proof while sitting out on the bench with cooked meat…(if you know what I mean.)

Bread Recipe

2 tsps dried yeast

675g flour

400mls tepid water

60mls olive oil

2 tsps salt

In a large mixing bowl add yeast, flour and water.

Mix it together until you get a shaggy kind of dough. Leave it for about 20 minutes, and then add your salt and olive oil.

Work the dough until it comes together as a smooth dough (or use a mixer with dough hook) You want it feeling quite elastic.

Pop it back in the bowl, cover and allow to prove until approximately doubled in size.

Out on to a lightly floured bench top, divide your dough up and roll into little snakes to wind around the sausages. Wind them and then lay them on a lined baking tray, allow to prove for a little while (use your awesome common sense here, it’s meat, you don’t want it to be proving for a long time.)

Bake at 230C with steam for approximately 20 minutes or until the dough is golden.

Excellent for picnics, quick dinners and will always please the kiddos. Beats a hotdog any day!





10 thoughts on “Why pigs should always have blankets

  1. When I read the title in my blog reader I was thinking wow I did not know pigs need blankets! It gave me a real giggle when I saw the picture of sausages wrapped in bread. Haha, I’m still on meds! This recipe is a people pleaser for sure.


  2. Ohhhh love these. Sausages are *still* my 8-year olds favourite dinner, so I’d be a mean mum not to serve these up to him. Such a cute idea.
    PS. At first glance, these reminded me of the caduceus logo! I blame that thought on a lack of sleep.


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