Sunday 7:10am

Sunday || cityhippyfarmgirl

Sunday 7:10 am

Tea- hot

Outside- cloudy, 17C

Immediate plans- pancakes, lots of them.


What are your Sunday plans?

17 thoughts on “Sunday 7:10am

  1. I want to come to your place! So far I’ve just got a hot tea. But neighbours chooks have been supplying plenty of eggs – so it might be scramble with spinach for us. Later today I plan to make up some quinoa salad, almond and date protein balls, and some egg & cheese muffins for the weeks lunches. Its nice to be home.


  2. Nice plan! It’s cold here too. Pancakes are always on the pan anytime of the week these days especially if I run out of bread or baked sweets. Have a relaxing day.


  3. It was such a cold weekend. I’m supposed to take my little guy to ocean swims every Saturday and Sunday morning but it’s been so cold I’ve skipped it – pancakes over ocean swims any time xx


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