Seasonal Eats- The Winter Edition

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The eggplant and basil have slowly slipped away and been replaced with potatoes, brussel sprouts and beetroot. Meals are being planned around pumpkin, mandarins are being snacked on and kale? Well kale is fairly consistently there.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. I feel that we are incredibly lucky living in an area that has such abundance in food varieties, despite the different seasons. The cooler seasons where in some parts of the world, the eating would start getting incredibly restrictive, here just gives us a different array of colours, tastes and still we get to keep it relatively local. That right there, is pretty damn wonderful.

Some delicious things to look out for coming into the winter season

beetroot (roasted and turned into dip)

broccoli (served olive oil and awesome salt)

cabbage (sauerkraut yes please)


daikon (pickled)

kale (sausage rolls yes indeed, recipe to come for that one)

leek (leek and potato soup)







What’s cooking in your kitchen at the moment? Is it now the beginnings of Winter or Summer for you?

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15 thoughts on “Seasonal Eats- The Winter Edition

  1. We have broccoli, cauliflower and silverbeet coming out of our ears. Herbs galore and a healthy crop of carrots and peas at the ready…just a couple more weeks wooooo!


  2. I have been enjoying purple potatoes – have some in my kitchen now – and kale is always popular with me but I am alone in this in my house – kale sausage rolls sounds delicious – am now thinking of how to make a veg version – will look forward to seeing yours


  3. Oh okra is lovely cooked in a pan with tomato sauce and herbs. We use to eat ours with fresh lebanese bread but even better with your sourdough. My ‘convert the haters in to lovers’ brussel sprouts recipe is a bit of organic vegie stock and some herbs and finely chopped nuts in a pan until just soft. But this season I want to try baking them like I’ve seen happening online. Have peeps always been doing this? Probably:) Lovely seasonal box.


    • Brussel sprouts weirdly I’m only just getting the love as an adult and well into my 30’s. Seems I’m making up for lost time now though. Damn, they are delicious! I don’t bother trying to convert anyone else in the household with them, as that means more for me! I love your stock dish idea with them too Zena.

      My go to is finely chopped, in a pan, olive oil, salt and pepper, shavings of parmesan and some creme fraiche dolloped on top. So simple, so good. So don’t have to share 🙂


  4. I’m buying a lot of leeks. I’ve made leek and feta quiche and a leek pasta with Italian sausage. I also like cauliflower at this time of year but I’m keeping my eye on them because for some reason they are terribly expensive but every now and then, they’ll be being sold for around $2.00 – those are my buying moments xx


  5. Have you tried roasting brussels Brydie? Roll them in a soupcon of olive oil and roast for 40-60mins when you already have something else in the oven.


  6. I’m particularly loving beetroot, broccoli and cabbage at the moment, and just bought my first box of blood limes for the season – I actually haven’t bought any quinces yet, so I’ll really have to fix that soon 🙂


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