When it storms, I bake

cityhippyfarmgirl.comfetta and pesto sourdough scrolls || cityhippyfarmgirl.com

Gumboots and an umbrella weren’t really going to cut it over the last few days here in Sydney.

Sydney, Newcastle and the Wollongong area have all copped a battering, and while the storm has now lessened, the clean up is going to go on for a lot longer.

After adventurous soggy walks to school in the mornings, there wasn’t much else for me and the small one to do but batten down the hatches, read stories, and do what I can with not much food in the cupboard.

Thanks to bread baking being a wonderful part of my life… we certainly didn’t go hungry, (fetta and pesto sourdough scrolls).


Some pictures of the storm can be found here.

25 thoughts on “When it storms, I bake

  1. I see that a beach near you dumped its contents into the park on the other side of the road Brydie. My local beach has a totally new shape too. It’s been a wild old few days hasn’t it.


    • It did Rose. All the beaches along the storm effected coast line are just incredible with how different they look now. Such severity. I really wonder how many more storms like this one will be in our future. I think I’d be happy with a property that ocean glimpses rather than directly on the water.


  2. It’s a windy, cloudy day over here, with not much energy due to a not nice cold. Looking at those scrolls, i wish i could bake already, instead of being a klutz at that great skill. It would cheer me up no end!!


  3. Yum… I could’ve done with some of those when I was out with my SES team today!! It’s going to take a long time to clean up round Newy so you can keep on baking…


  4. We didn’t fair too well walking to school either. And I agree, we needed more than an umbrella and a pair of gumboots to cope. I also bunkered down and spent time in the kitchen xx


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