loving… almost camping



We almost went camping these school holidays. Almost.

Everything was packed, sleeping bags dragged out. The tent dusted off and enthusiasm sat at the door like an impatient puppy.

It wasn’t to be though. It seemed a virus also sat at the door the night before we were to go. Three kiddo’s with fevered heads. Three kiddo’s with glassy eyes. Three kiddo’s with limp, suddenly very small looking little bodies.

Camping in the bush was going to have to wait.

While this post could easily be a sad tale of sick small kids, there are a few brighter sides to the sorry tale.

loving… long hugs that come with unwell kids. There will be a time when they will no longer want to rest heavy hot heads on my shoulder. Even though unwell, I’ll take those long draped body hugs while I still can.

loving… quiet. It was brief, but there was a moment there they were all asleep. During the day and I had a cup of hot coffee by my side. That, doesn’t happen too often.

loving… a cancelled weekend, which means all the usual rules, needs, requirements don’t apply. In my head, this means whatever we all want kind of goes as we weren’t going to be here at home anyway. Nonsensical logic, but I run with it.


Tarty apple crumble with hot runny custard for dinner? Why yes.

Long couch sessions with successive movie watching? Of course.

Sneaky second coffees to get you through another possible night of jack-in-the-box parenting? A given.

A day trip away to somewhere new, which is almost like mini camping. Almost.

So while this post isn’t full of some of the usual loving things, it does have its upsides. The virus that sat by the front door has slunk away into the shadows. My small ones have replaced aching limbs with some of their usual crazy energy, and plans for another camping trip will be mapped out once more. And I’m certainly loving that.


“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]

What are you loving at the moment? 

24 thoughts on “loving… almost camping

  1. Gorgeous Brydie and I know exactly what you mean. I hope your family is feeling better, always great to look at the positives! Yes please to the apple crumble and custard.

    Our children spent one night of the holidays camped in their swags in front of our outdoor fire. Their gorgeous dog slept with them which was the highlight I think, camping without tents, packing or travelling. So good x


    • Jane that sounds amazingly fun…I’d love to do that! I’m not sure camping in our unit’s shared courtyard would have quite the same charm, but if ever I get a patch of grass to call my very own, I’ll happily sleep outside often.
      Have a wonderful week Jane. x


  2. Glad to hear your little ones are feeling better – nice to have a bit of downtime when sick but also so good to see their energy and good health returning. We are having one of those weekends – cancelled yesterdays outings and today we had planned Luna Park but the weather and ill health has meant a more sedate cafe lunch is planned – I am loving that we will have the sausage rolls I made for tea instead of taking them today and that we can leave the house a bit later.


  3. Such a lovely post Brydie. How disappointing to have your plans thwarted, but a weekend on the couch nursing your babies and rolling with it, well, that’s the love of family isn’t it?
    P.S. I made bread. I just wanted you to know. 🙂


    • It sure is Sam. No point what so ever in getting bothered by these things. Just roll with it. Other lovely opportunities always, always present themselves.

      Now bread dear lady…do tell! (And yes, I needed to know that! 🙂


      • 🙂 I made Petit Pain au Lait (French Milk bread). You can buy them in packs in Fance but you can’t get them here. Unfortunately they turned out a little too dense, but given it was my first ever attempt at making bread of any kind, I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. And I would never have tried if it weren’t for your enthusiasm. Thanks for helping me expand my comfort zone!


  4. That is wonderful and such a beautiful positive way to look at what could’ve been a horrible weekend. And it’s all true what you say … It’s kind of a good excuse to have lots of “slouching around” and do the things you don’t normally do, which never happens on any other occasion. And the cuddles, well, they’re soooo worth it!


  5. I’m glad you made the best of it but what a disappointment and how incredible to have all three kids struck down with the same illness. It sounds like you found a lot to be loving during your unexpected weekend at home xx


  6. Such a positive take on what could have been a negative weekend. I get the cuddles thing, they grow out of it for a while in their teens and thats is when you crave it the most. I’m glad your cherubs are on the mend. Hope the next one turns out better. x


  7. There’s so much to love at the moment isn’t there? I can imagine having this whole unplanned free weekend would be so welcoming. I’d love one of those round about now! 😀 Cockatoos are so funny! They really remind me of certain types of people 🙂


  8. Poor little cherubs! It sounds like you accepted the situation early on and got on it. We are sharing the same story here. Both my children were bitten by european wasps and then the big one had terrible gastro so the 2nd week of holidays was a complete right off so no trip to Sydney. These seasonal transitions are hard sometimes!


  9. Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes, doesn’t it?! You have a wonderful, positive attitude though and I say YES to little hugs while you can still get them. My two eldest are now in that phase of their lives where they don’t want hugs very often and it makes me sad and reminiscent. Beautiful post. xx


  10. Loving your description of hugging and holding heavy bodies … I think back to when our son was little and sick. That was when he was the most huggable. Wonderful quote too on feeling the moment and taking the time to enjoy. Life is so very fleeting. Here today and gone tomorrow…..when were we young and when were our children toddlers.
    Thank you for a beautiful blog post.


    • Thank you for taking the time to write that Alexa. Time and life can be incredibly fleeting, and it’s something I really try not to take for granted….long squishy compulsory hugs are regulars round these parts 🙂


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