That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film

I watched this film last week and attended a Q & A. I’m still reeling a little from it all. I don’t even eat like this and I’m reeling. Seriously…this sugary world we live in is quite something to think about. While I’m not about to quit sugar and and go paleo any time soon. I do know when my body is at it’s best…and unfortunately it’s not with a jumbo juice and monster muffin by my side.

That Sugar Film… watch the trailer at the very least. Please.

There is also a book which backs up the movie but is also great in it’s own right. I tell you, I’m left with a big taste for kale and buckwheat that’s for sure. (And just quietly even more determined to rejig those ‘healthy’ doughnuts from the weekend.)

17 thoughts on “That Sugar Film

    • I believe WHO recently recommended that a daily adult intake of sugar doesn’t exceed about 6 teaspoons. The film looks at many peoples intake being at about 40tsp as an average. That’s some scary maths right there.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Brydie. I don’t think this movie will make it to our part of the world but I would be very keen to see it. The trailer is very interesting. Back to the sourdough and salad for me too I think…with just the odd homemade sweet biscuit perhaps? x


  2. Thanks for sharing Brydie – I would love to see this! I actually just made the decision last week to stop using sugar at home. When I run out of the brown and white we have in the pantry, that is it. If I can’t make a baked good using maple syrup, then I won’t make it. We’ll see how often I have to make a stop at the local ice cream shop for a quick fix!
    This is another film about the food industry that I discovered this week.


  3. Thanks for letting us know about this Brydie, I notice it’s showing in Canberra so I’ll have to go and have a look. I’ve watched a lot of docos/read a lot of books about the big picture on diet, food systems i.e. Morgan Spurlock, Michael Pollan, Gary Taubes and so on, but I think this is the first I’ve heard of from an Australian perspective. I think this is particularly important as otherwise you can end up feeling a bit like these problems are an ‘only in America’ issue and don’t apply here, which unfortunately couldn’t be further from the truth!


  4. It really is rather disturbing to think just how much sugar is in our diets, and soooo much of it is hidden. Every year I do a big detox, the sugar cravings are hellish that first week, but always worth it when your system is clear. I havent seen the film, but I am pleased it has been released, I think a lot of people will be shocked by just how much they consume.


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