The not really sourdough doughnuts

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I made some grand bold statements before Christmas on making sourdough doughnuts. I really was. I was going to do it. Really and truly, cross my heart and all that.

Then I looked at a few recipes and my figurative doughnut balloon? Well it slowly deflated.

I don’t know. All that deep frying, sugar, needing of an extra special cutter or doughnut maker thingy stuff. All that extra, well everything. It just took the wind out of my doughy-nut sails. I didn’t want to buy another contraption and I didn’t want to fry them all in lots of oil. Actually when I thought about it, I didn’t really want to cover them in oodles of sugar either.

Well why on earth would I be thinking about making doughnuts then, I hear you ask?

Rather good question really. You see, it started here…I blame them entirely for turning my world upside down with the deliciousness of their baked goods. It was because of them that I had lofty dreams of making sourdough doughnuts in the first place. Having the heady smell of cinnamon and sugar wafting around my kitchen. The decadent bite down into that amazingly heady mix of sugar and fat. Yes it sounded good, and my kids well they were more than keen, (they also had tasted those doughnuts you see.)

I paused. Had a little think and a then a little reassess. Maybe I would try a slightly healthier version? Could it be done? Would it pass the family taste test?

I decided to give it a crack. The first ones were completely edible, the kids inhaled them so there was no loss there. BUT, they really and truly weren’t doughnuts. They were rolls. Plain and simple. So what did I need to do to take them up to doughnut status?

I could try to make a little hole in them perhaps? And maybe up the sugar a smidge?

doughnuts ||

Second go. Doughnuts, they shouted! As I quietly plonked them on the table in front of them.

Now to the die hard doughnut fans of this world, there will probably be a brief muttering of no, that ain’t no doughnut lady. (I’ll spare you on all the corners I cut.)

Third go. Actually third go, didn’t even warrant a picture. Edible sure, but over proved and really bordering on a little burnt around the edges. (Actually maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a baker of doughnuts after all?)

Fourth go? It nearly didn’t happen, I was a bit over them, but there seemed to be this incessantย whisper, one morrrre goooo….and so I did and they were the best ones yet. Were they technically sourdough doughnuts? Well, I’m not sure about that. What I do know is that I’ve locked myself into developing this recipe a little further and in the mean time?ย I hear they make excellent ones in Byron Bay and Hobart, lucky for me, two of my favourite places to go and visit!


How about you? Have you tried making sourdough doughnuts?

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25 thoughts on “The not really sourdough doughnuts

  1. These look great Brydie. It is funny when we think we really want to make something but on further reflection it just doesn’t fit with our normal cooking and eating patterns. I am sure your donuts modifications were very clever and tasty! I am interested you know how you made these. Have a lovely Sunday. x


  2. All that matters is those happy little tummies:) I have fond memories of my Tekta (Aunty) making me Yugoslavian “donuts” every time i visited her. A batter of sorts and fried on the stove top. They would balloon in to all sorts of funny shapes and rolled in sugar or slathered in a European jam. We had awesome organic doughnuts at a market in Coffs Harbour too:)


    • Zena I love you! You just reminded me of German boiled doughnuts which I loved…now what on earth were they called??
      European jams are a little different aren’t they. I love so many of the flavours that you just don’t find here. Maybe you need to start a little doughnut stall in the Snowies? ๐Ÿ™‚ How good would that be!


  3. They look AMAZING!!! I usually steer clear of doughnuts because of all the sugar, but I would be very willing to give these a go. (love the story that goes with them, too) xx


  4. I haven’t tried sourdough doughnuts but have made the yeasted variety a few times – baked – and even the doughnut holes I have made taste doughnutty – I do the butter and sugar but perhaps some icing sugar sifted over would do. Have you made yeast doughnuts? I am curious about the difference. I often think of sourdough bread as sturdier and crustier than yeast bread but it is amazingly fluffy when straight out of the oven which is the best time to eat doughnuts! I would love to try sourdough doughnuts some time (and is there such a thing as savoury doughnuts?)


    • I think the taste difference is just like comparing the sourdough bread to a yeasted one. Bit more flavour, bit sturdier like you said. They definitely don’t have to be hard and crusty…hmmm, Melbourne must have a tucked away little corner somewhere that sells them Johanna…seek them out ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Agreed about the header and just in time for autumn where the “pretties” start to head off to the north for our winter. Hobart you say? I am sure you said “Hobart” there…any chance for a moment of enlightenment about the whereabouts of said delicious sourdough doughnuts? Might even warrant a trip in the near future as I have a small market in Bream Creek that I need to attend STAT to pick up some Chinese artichoke tubers from and surely at the end of that long drive I might just deserve one (or 10) delicious pick-me-up doughnuts to give me the energy to drive all that way home again? Can’t wait till you perfect those babies Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. Brunhilda is starting to yawn and stretch her arms a bit. A few weeks till she opens her eyes but the last 2 nights have had 6C temperatures and it’s getting close. Much earlier than last year and the hawthorn berries are a most brilliant scarlet…that plus my trick knee…I trust nature to tell me what the weather is going to be like and she is heading for hibernation at least a month early around these parts. We had 3 weeks of summer and straight into autumn. Might get snow for winter yet… I think I might be going to need that recipe to survive the freeze ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. I haven’t made sourdough ones, but we’ve tried regular and it just hasn’t been the same as store bought ones. The frying really is a big turn-off – mine have gotten so oily and the smell just ruins the moment. Yours look pretty yummy! And I love that you tried making them 4 times!


  7. Haha… doughnuts have become a big thing over here in Western Australia too. There are ‘gourmet’ small batch doughnut makers popping up everywhere, most of them with incredibly creative flavour combos. I’ve never tried a sourdough one before though. Sourdough or not, yours look delicious and I am glad that they worked out in the end!!! Argh, try and try again!
    Love your photos here. Small hands and hungry tummies ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


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  9. I am seeing donuts everywhere lately, I think it is a sign I make my own. Not normally a big sweet eater, but the sourdough bit makes me think maybe they are a healthier option. ๐Ÿ™‚


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