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Gill's Diner || cityhippyfarmgirl

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Last weekend was a big one…a very BIG ONE.

My nerves had been slowly building for weeks before hand, so the cumulation of the weekend finally arriving? Well let’s just say my heart wasn’t sitting where it should have been and had instead taken up residence in my mouth.

With organs not where they should be, what was I getting all sweaty palmed about? Well it was the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Gala, which meant all the winners would be announced including the Olympus “My Family Lens” challenge winner….Which *ahem* I won!!

Flying down to Melbourne was always going to be short and sweet. A first weekend away by myself since my girl was born, with the added bonus of getting to hang out with my brother for part of the time, (this is where a fair amount of camera geek talk and great food happened- two excellent combinations. )

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I feel really lucky to have been a part of Voices of 2014. It was something that surprised the hell out of me earlier in the year, and then with the added fun of being able to join in with the Olympus challenge a few months back.

Doing this challenge pushed me, got me doing things I hadn’t done before, introduced me to a bunch of really super duper lovely Olympians (surely that’s what the Olympus crew are called??) And getting to play with a different camera that I now absolutely love. It’s all been pretty amazing.

One of my posts within this time was this one. One of the hardest post I’ve written within these blog pages. Every time I would sit down to write the words of that post, I would do so with tears in my eyes and a sob sitting at my throat.

To be included in the amazing blogging round up this year was an honour and a humbling privilege; something I will value for many years to come.

A special thanks to all the people that I was completely incapable of saying a proper thank you to on the night, (remember I had a vital organ in my mouth Saturday.) The Kidspot crew, Olympus, Pip Lincolne and with hearts in my eyes, my husband, (who is always supportive of whatever pursuit I’m trying to jump on and wrangle.)

Thank you. xx

voices of 2014 || cityhippyfarmgirl

PS. If you are looking for eats in central Melbourne, Gill’s Diner off Little Collins St was tip top. Doughnuts with custard…say no more people. 

Gill's Diner || cityhippyfarmgirl


50 thoughts on “Melbourne’s song

  1. Congratulations Brydie!! What an amazing experience and such an honor. I’m so impressed by you as always! Just reread your post about memories and am very touched. You write so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and pictures, truly inspiring.


  2. congratulations on the award – so well deserved – and thanks for giving me a second chance to read memories – what a beautiful post – and of course am pleased to hear that you enjoyed being in Melbourne – will have to keep gill’s diner in mind


  3. Oh my goodness Brydie…congratulations!! That’s wonderful news, and very well deserved. Your writing is so natural and has such a strong (and likeable!) personal voice, and your photos are just gorgeous too. Well done xo


  4. AWESOME!!!! Ahem 🙂 Congratulations Brydey, job well done. That post you wrote was the very first post of yours that I read of yours. I followed you straight away, because I like to be in the presence of beauty. It’s one of my talents 🙂


  5. Brydie, SO pleased to hear you scored the My Family Lens award. You absolutely deserved to win. Huge congratulations. Your memory post was one of your best ever – glad you linked to it. I loved reading it again.
    So nice to see my home-town immortalized so beautifully. Gill’s Diner is the BEST. So glad you ate there. Was the attached bakery open? You would’ve been in sourdough heaven if so 🙂


    • It was open, but I didn’t venture down, (probably not safe.) I loved Gill’s though, funky, great atmosphere and food was excellent. Plus I got to sit and talk for endless hours, and anywhere that allows that is always a winner in my book.
      Until next time Ms Saskia?

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  6. Brydie, that is such wonderful, and well deserved, news. My most heartfelt congratulations. On a slightly frivolous note, it is lovely to see your face as well. I first glimpsed it in Organic Gardener, and it was so nice to put a face to your words at last! xx


  7. Strength to strength Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl! I am in awe of your talent and that award was most well deserved indeed. Got to say, you are starting to creep into the peripherals all over the place. I keep seeing great guest posts and there you are at the centre of them. Best invasion yet! 😉


      • Me to, I reckon I might vote for you next elections to be honest. I think a Cityhippyfarmgirl invasion into the political scene is one of the only ways we can fix the damage Mr “A” is doing at the moment. Wherever you go you make people happy. I think you might be the antidote 😉


  8. Congratulations again Brydie!!! So thrilled for you and lovely to read your excitement in the post. SO nice to finally put a face to your name after all these years too, you know I’ve never ever seen a photo of you!


  9. What happiness! Look at you, beautiful you. Congratulations and may I say – you inspire me so much. I don’t know how you do it. You are lifting me up today as you have done many times before. Congratulations!


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