Easy As Biscuits and doing what you can

snack time biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl

I recently hosted a particularly nasty guest, called virus.

For weeks.

Yes, (too many) weeks.

It seems half the city is currently hosting under similar circumstances and I can tell you, it hasn’t been pretty.

Walking (dragging) our feet to school and it’s like a conga line of Village of the Doomed. Cough, cough, cough, sneeze, and cough from every street corner. It’s not just any cough either. It’s a lung squeezing, lift your feet off the ground kind of cough that leaves you gasping for air and clinging on to the closest adequately secured devise around, (telegraph poles excellent, small rickety fences- not so much.)

We walk, and bleary eyes meet. A slow blink of understanding, and brief head tilt towards each other. We are understood. The healthy ones file past. Determined in their stride, they look joyously towards a hopeful horizon, they have their health, and anything is a possibility. Not us though, eyes are dark, sunken and averted in an effort not to talk to anyone that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Now once all the fluid had partially drained from my head, ears, eyes, lungs. I was left with a small urge to bake. Not a big one mind. It certainly wasn’t going to be a three course dinner extravaganza, with a conveyor belt of baked goods throughout the day in a lead up to dinner.

No. All I set out to do was bake some biscuits. Lunch box stuffing, hollow legs, hunger nags and after dinner top ups kind a biscuits, (cookies if you are in the land of stars and stripes.) They worked out, filled up bellies and I’m now counting on two hands how many times they’ve been made since.

a little snack biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl

Now during this time of compulsory hosting, it became terrifically clear that…

1/ I was really going to have to take some time out of the kitchen while getting better.

2/ Life would continue on. It seems I need these kind of health shake ups occasionally to remember these things. Those moments of not pushing yourself, instead just doing what I can and when I can.

Yep, pretty simple really.

Easy As Biscuits

200g melted butter

100g brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

50g sunflower seeds

200g rolled oats

handful of sultanas

handful of chocolate buttons

150g wholemeal spelt flour

1 beaten egg

Add all ingredients together, mix it up and roll into balls with slightly dampened hands, (stops it sticking.) Bake at 180C for 20-25 minutes.

Store in airtight container and eat with enthusiasm, (and try not to cough.)


27 thoughts on “Easy As Biscuits and doing what you can

  1. I will make these. I will. We’re meeting another twin (= toddler) family for a picnic on Saturday and Michael suggested I bake my lemon drizzle, because he loves it so much. I was just thinking no way. Too much hassle. I know, right? An easy lemon drizzle, too much hassle? Well, it’s been one of those weeks… A couple of weeks to be honest. But these biscuits I can manage. I will make these. Thanks, Brydie.


  2. Oh Brydie, you have given me the best laugh! One person gets sick in the byne it spreads to the whole town and it’s the absolute pits. We had it in August and it was’ the end of the world’ for 10 long cold gloomy days and nights. The good news is once you are over it Brydie that’s it for the year. These are the best ‘just getting by’ recovery biscuits.


    • It’s quite amazing how a virus can move from one person to the next. On a scientific level it’s bloody fascinating. Imagine if we could actually see it as it moved around….well maybe it’s best we don’t. Change of weather be damned, it’s people coughing and sneezing all over the shop (figuratively and the supermarket) that spreads unwelcome guests like…Mr Virus. Glad you and your loved ones are over yours Zena.


  3. Glad you are on the mend…that means you won’t get that particular strain for a few more years… always a bright side/silver lining ;). Those bickies look propper tasty Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl and perfect for filling up hollow legs and the places left behind where secretions used to be. Kudos on your recovery 🙂


  4. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, Brydie. That does sound very debilitating. I’m pleased that virus didn’t cross the bridge to my part of Sydney. My mother used to make very similar biscuits and they would be coming out of the oven just as we walked in the door from school xx


  5. Sorry to hear about the virus…no fun! And I can just imagine how you struggled to get through the day and through all of the necessary tasks that cannot wait until tomorrow. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The cookies look delicious and perfect for the situation.


  6. Oh, lovely! I feel you! Aaron and I have been sick for weeks now, on and off (don’t you hate how viruses pass between you?!). It becomes so frustrating and draining when trying to progress with usually simple tasks. Glad that you had these beautiful energy-packed cookies to fall back upon. Here’s to continued health in your household Brydie! xx


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