Spring, she’s sneaking in

 blossom || cityhippyfarmgirl

mulberries || cityhippyfarmgirl jonquils || cityhippyfarmgirl

Spring, there is a touch of it in the air. A blossom here, a scent there and a change in the seasonal food.

Hello spring, I can feel you sneaking in just a little.


And to all the, pocket knife owning, big hole digging, fried egg loving, mountain climbing, suit wearing, hanging upside down, dreadlocked growing, office dwelling, garden tending, lick the mixing bowl, tree climbing, tea party drinking, curiosity seeking, dads out there…

Happy Father’s Day.

15 thoughts on “Spring, she’s sneaking in

  1. Glad you left the dad’s of Aus a nice Father’s Day message as Google appears to have completely forgotten them this year! Your mulberries are WAY ahead of ours. My little tree hasn’t even got leaves yet, let alone fruit! Anyone would think that you were living on the mainland or something 😉


    • That particular mulberry tree is an odd one I keep an eye on each year. It’s on the street side and in an area where no one (except me) would ever touch it. Most of the fruit is nowhere near ripe yet, hopefully a few more weeks though and there will be more to forage from.


      • We just have buds so you guys are WAY ahead of us and kudos on the mulberry find. They are one of the fruit trees that would grow on a hot tin roof…might be time to plant a few more on Serendipity Farm as I LOVE them 🙂 Just about to plant out a quince tree as the possums don’t like them as well as my loquat trees which only need protection from the wallabies as they will eat anything. Looks like that food forest is going to eventuate this year as I have walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts to plant out as well…wish me luck! 🙂


  2. yes spring seems be here with vigour but apparently it wont last too long and we have rain a coming – loving the glorious sunshine while it lasts – t-shirt, sandals and washing on the line – think I need some salad for lunch – lovely photos


  3. Today’s the first day I felt some heat in the sun. Probably because I haven’t been able to feel the sun in quite a while because of all the rain. I do hope the rainy days are behind us and there are lots of sunny days ahead xx


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