The Schupfnudeln Challenge- Frugal Friday

schupfnudeln || cityhippyfarmgirl

The first part of this challenge is to say schupfnudeln.

Unless you have a German speaking back ground, it’s a little bit of a mouthful. A good mouthful though, let it roll off your tongue and try it out a few times… schupfnudeln, schupf…much like the little pan-fried potato dumplings themselves.

Now potatoes in this household are not a huge staple. My kids are probably the only kids on the planet who don’t particularly like them. Me, I can take or leave them. However I did like making these, as I hadn’t heard of them until recently. They are a German potato dumpling, (which are very similar to Italian gnocchi) where you cook your potatoes, pop a couple of eggs in and then add a little flour to the mixture.

Really simple food, which hits all the frugal bells as well. (I did read this dish came out as the result of army rations.)

Now the second part of the challenge is to see if you can take a picture of these little pan-fried dumplings served with sauerkraut in a tantalising way. Google images of schupfnudeln and you’ll find a whole lot of beige. They are a bugger to photograph. They make children, pets and chocolate brownie seem like a walk in a photogenic park.

Are you game to take on the plated beige?

schupfnudeln and sauerkraut || cityhippyfarmgirlSchupfnudeln 

(I’ve only done this the once, but this is how I did it.)

800g steamed potatoes, with their skin peeled off. Now grate them and put them in a big mixing bowl. Add two eggs, salt and pepper and enough flour to bring the dough together. Knead together on a lightly floured surface, to make a smooth dough and divide off into small pieces. Rolling the edges in a pointed fashion.

Pan fry them lightly and serve with sauerkraut.


12 thoughts on “The Schupfnudeln Challenge- Frugal Friday

  1. Yumm, I’m salivating. I would love a plate of these right now for breakfast. My mum used to make something similar but would pan fry them with the sauerkraut and a bit of paprika. So when reheated the next day, there would be some little caramelised sauerkraut bits! You’ve made me sooo hungry!! I’m going to call her now and ask when she last made them 🙂


  2. Schupfnudeln, schupfnudeln, schupfnudeln! I don’t know if I am saying this right but I’m having a lot of fun trying. This contrast of hot and cold and different textures sounds like it would be very yum. Was it a lot of work to roll it in to those shapes I wonder.


  3. As someone who can lay claim to some form of German Heritage (thanks to my maiden name) it would appear that the bit of German that runs through me stops short at the mouth…LOVE the look of these frugal little dumplingies they look like something sufficiently comforting to float in a bowl of soup or do double duty as something tasty and starchy on the side of a large plate of sausages (or the German worded equivalent…). I am going to give them a go and see if Stevie-boy likes them. They certainly look beige enough for his unadventurous palate 😉 Seriously though, that image is SO far away from Mr Billy Connolly’s “wee beige jobbies” that it is out of the ballpark…great effort at making beige the new black ma’am…


  4. I think you took a pretty good photo. The colour on the schupfnudeln definitely helped.

    I can take or leave potatoes as well. My mum tells me I should eat more because they are local. Rice and pasta which do make up my staple carbs aren’t nearly as good in those terms…


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