That morning, with Ben Lowy


That morning, with Ben Lowy

Yes, I fell in love again.

Not with Ben, (although he is charming, witty and lovely) but with photography. Madly, truly, deeply- all the cliches that I can bundle together.

It was seven kinds of awesome, it really was.


Thank you Ben.

If you are in Sydney see here for more Head On photo festival goodness while it is still on.

15 thoughts on “That morning, with Ben Lowy

  1. your photography is amazing….i can literally look at it all day ๐Ÿ™‚ what a wonderful thing to be able to fully immerse yourself in your passion, particularly when it gives so much pleasure to others. i hope you stay in love, flick x


  2. its so very very good when you’re inspired (and such a drag when you’re not). Here’s 3 cheers to Ben Lowy and to hoping some might rub off on me. You can forget the gentle nudge, anytime you want to give me a swift boot I’d be grateful. Looking forward to hearing all about it (and I mean ALL ABOUT IT) soon.


  3. Digital photography has given us all the freedom to experiment. No waiting days for your photos to be developed and then discovering that most of them are crap…instant gratification and the ability to hit “delete” for those that you would rather no-one saw again ;). Without digital photography blogs just wouldn’t be what they are today. I get more people reading my posts because of my photos than any witty banter I could possibly string together. Images sell and learning to take good images is a definite art. I am still learning how to master my humble point and shoot but I love using macro to discover and record the minutiae of life here on Serendipity Farm. Glad you had an excellent day reacquainting yourself with an old love ๐Ÿ™‚


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