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This week was full of ups and downs. Some magnificent ups and some gravelly downs. At the end of it all though, one thing was made beautifully clear to me. All these things mattered. Every single one of them. Sure they might not be important to me two months down the track, or maybe they will be. Maybe even more important and this week was just the beginning.

What does matter though, is that I acknowledged them as being important in these last seven days. Whether they were big or seemingly tiny. They had meant something, and I wasn’t going to push them away.


These were some of the things mattered…

I shared exciting news with loved ones.

I started my day with the best bread that suits me. Those grains, yep, they work.

I stood up, and had an opinion.

I sobbed. Pure frustrated raw mama sobs. Which was actually ok, because at the end of the day I realised how important something was to me and how I was going to have to go about things differently in order to get it done.

I shared within my community.

I stopped.

I said sorry and admitted I was wrong.

I ran to get forgotten library books, because that mattered a lot to someone else.

I made sure that family time was set aside.

I found five minutes of incremental time to be creative, then I found a whole block and that was bliss.

I gently wiped away small people tears.

I cooked and made sure we had good proper food in our bellies. Because when it comes down to it, if the whole day is crazy busy or simply going to hell… well at least we’ll always have real food to fall back on, (and maybe a glass of wine.)

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How about you? What’s mattered to you this week?



23 thoughts on “things that mattered

  1. Oh Brydie. You write so, so well. You’re entirely right, the tumultuous and painful times are just as valuable in our lives as the joyful and light moments. I often find that difficulty, heartache and pain helps me to value the happy moments more. I’m glad that you got through this week in strength, appreciation and reflection. Sending you heaps of hugs, you’re beautiful inside and out.
    As for me? I had a terribly stressful week. An exhausting week that I’d rather forget. But in the midst of it, I spent Wednesday night with Aaron and my mother. She cooked for us and lavished her motherly reassurance upon me in words and hugs. I spent a few moments being grateful for those I love the most. A simple moment that made all of the horribleness melt away, albeit momentarily πŸ™‚


  2. When everything out there is a bit chaotic, gathering around the family table is very calming isn’t it. Hopefully by next week things will have settled down. Change, growth, transition is hard. I feel like every second week is almost like that lately.


  3. What a beautiful post. So well said, you left me pondering a few moments. I wholeheartedly agree with the comment above by Zena, gathering around the family table at the end of the day is calming and reassuring too.


  4. The budget of course. I had to retreat home angry and hurt at some people’s comment and stay off FB. I’ve been awakened from my little world and feel it’s time to get activated.


  5. Being present was important this week, even though it ended in tears. And time with my little family, doing groceries… more fun that I had imagined. Thanks for making me think! I’m really struggling to be present, and this is a great question to ask myself on a regular basis. x


  6. Gorgeous wine shot…that would pretty much make up for everything else that life threw at you this week, here’s to another week that matters (ad infinitum) AND a good bottle of rose on a regular basis to mop up those tears πŸ™‚


  7. Hello my friend, sorry I haven’t been around much, I made a decision to stop having email notifications of blogposts and consequently I only read blogs when I think about blogs, rather than when a prompt system jogs me into clicking. I am very fond of all my Australian blog friends in particular, your warmth and honesty is something I treasure. I hope you and your beautiful children are all well; as always I love your photos and the care with which you present them to the world. I hope you are not too upset by whatever is causing turmoil, life is what it is sometimes. xx Jo


  8. Brydie that was a really lovely post. Thanks. I’ve had a funny old week. The thing that has mattered the most? Clarity.


  9. Oh Brydie , you always get me right here ( me pointing to my heart) with posts like this.
    You are such a philosopher of motherhood , gravelly bits and wonderful bits included. I think you may have touched a few hearts today.


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