How to make fancy pants Flower Bread

how to make fancy flower bread || cityhippyfarmgirl

Bread is one of those things that at times look far more fancy than what it really is. Well, it can do anyway. This Flower Bread is one of them. An easy one to do if you want to team it up with a simple soup or alternatively, tear chunks off and slap some butter on those sides.

First up flatten your dough, this is done at the stage when you would normally shape your bread. (For a basic bread dough recipe see here for a regular yeasted one, or here for a simple sourdough.) Any old shape, as long as it’s the same thickness generally all around. Next you need to divide it into equal portions. I would normally do this as I go along. Again any shape is fine, and a rough triangle is excellent for the next step.

Next you are creating little balls. If you pull those corners into the middle (as if you were making a dumpling) it traps air in and creates a smooth outer surface. Pinch the ends together to seal it. Lightly plop it into some flour (this stops it from sticking to the board or bench top) and leave to the side. Carry on with the rest.

Once you have all your balls. Get two small bowls, one filled with water and the other with poppy seeds (or any other seeds, you might like to use.) Holding your ball of dough at the top where you sealed it, gently dip about a quarter of the dough into the water and then the seed bowl.

Next place them, seed side up into a lined cake tin. Depending on how big you did them, you should fit about seven. Six on the outer and one in the middle. Cover, and let them prove. Then bake at 230C with steam for about 25-ish minutes.

And there you have it… easy fancy pants Flower Bread!

how to make fancy flower bread || cityhippyfarmgirlhow to make fancy flower bread || cityhippyfarmgirl


24 thoughts on “How to make fancy pants Flower Bread

  1. You are such a gifted baker Brydie. I love seeing the beautiful loaves you create! This one definitely looks extra special with its poppy seed crust and flower effect. Love your photographs too… I feel relaxed after reading this. Is that weird? xx


  2. Looks lovely! I was thinking that if you dipped the six outer petals in poppy seeds, but the central one in sesame seeds, you’d have even more of a flower appearance. πŸ™‚ ~ Linne


  3. I bet it was gorgeous with that soup. Guess who is going to have a go at making fancy pants flower bread today as I have an enormous pot of soup in my mind that just needs a bit of chopping and a cleared spot on Brunhildas blistering hot cook top to veer from contemplation into reality. LOVE this bread πŸ™‚


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