When you can’t stop saying the F word

water kefir grains || cityhippyfarmgirl

water kefir grains

It quite often brings on a wrinkle of noses, pouty lips, raised eyebrows and sometimes, just plain disgust. It’s a word certainly not to everyone’s taste, and yet…

I just can’t help myself.

I repeat the word again and again, while most people switch off. Sometimes there is a low mumble of vague fained interest, with their silent words screaming bloody hippy, and yet I still can’t stop saying it.

fermented vegetables || cityhippyfarmgirl


See I said it again. I say it again with joy and amazement. Fermentation, it’s not the dirty word that so many us think that it is, I promise, it really isn’t. On the contrary it’s a word that brings life and excitement to a conversation, just as it does to our palate and gut health.

The joy of coming across another fermenter in everyday daily life and talk is beyond exciting. It’s a conversation of respect, excitement and happiness. One of curiosity and intrigue and a use of words that generally don’t get thrown around together in the after school pick up line. There’s an understanding and unparalleled enthusiasm to hear more.

I’ve seen it before in other conversational areas that are usually thrown to societies fringes, (as that’s where I frequently lurk), an excitement that truly is contagious. When you hear another person, mention the mere whispered word of kefir or scoby…

Ohhh, you’re talking FERMENTATION! Yes you are, yes you are!

sandor katz || cityhippyfarmgirl

Sandor Katz at a recent fermentation talk and Nick from Milkwood

So with that enthusiasm in mind, I will not curb my tongue and lessen the frequency in eliciting the F word. I will shout it loud and shout it proud, to anyone that cares to listen. I will drop the F word into conversation where ever I see fit and from this day forth I shall proudly say…

F#%* yeah! I’m a fermenter!

the Art of Fermentaion Sandor Katz || cityhippyfarmgirl

Fermentation Bible

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25 thoughts on “When you can’t stop saying the F word

  1. I just knew it wasn’t going to be the word we all first thought it was. Hmm, might have to check out that book online, I’m fiddling with ideas of f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fermentation and d-d-d-d-d-d-dehydration.


  2. I’ve never considered myself a fermentor but I did grow up making ginger beer that I divided every Saturday and spread the love to friends so they could also bottle ginger beer that would be stored and explode in the garage. I’d love to make some again so I could freely use the F word xx


  3. And proud of it! And so you should be:) People don’t understand it can help people with IBS, eczema common inflictions now a-days. We got his books; you were so lucky to meet him. Thanks for the giggles (i love your life stories) and the “helping hand” recipes.


  4. I’m just not into it. I know its healthy and don’t have a problem with other people doing it, but it doesn’t push my buttons in a good way. I’m one of those nose wrinklers!


  5. I am flat out on the farm today, no time to be reading blogs. But the title of your blog drew me in before i had a chance to stop myself.
    Yes , fermentation great for the sour dough….my experiences with the pickles and the other stuff not so good…it smelt okay , it looked okay…but every bite made me wonder if I was catching some exotic disease. I made my husband eat kimchi for a week to see if it made him sick…it didn’t – but I still couldn’t make myself eat it. I have to get past ‘the idea of eating something fermented ‘ before I can go any further. Did you feel the same when you started?


    • I think I still feel a bit the same when it’s something new Kim. That first mouthful is a little tentative but after that, (I obviously haven’t keeled over) it’s fine. Trust your nose. And I mean really trust it. If it smells ok, it’s probably awesome.
      Just try at one thing that you actually really like to eat or drink and go from there.


  6. Hooked…hook line and sinker…you are one of “us” now…your life prior to the “F” word is all but gone…soon you will be furtively passing on the means by which others can be (infected) enlivened…we all float down here…


  7. Ha, I seriously thought this post was going to be about having a swearing problem. I have a swearing problem so I thought I might have found a support group! Anyway, very happy to read about fermentation as well. That reminds me of the huge cabbage I have in the fridge and how I am supposed to be ‘krauting’ it…


  8. I have to laugh when people say they are anxious about eating fermented foods; wine is fermented grape juice, after all; sauerkraut, well, my grandmothers made it themselves and my Mum did for a while, too. And pickles; don’t we all eat them? Narf7 is right; one taste and you’re on your way down the slippery slope . . . I’ve been making kefir for over a year now and have started making kefir ‘cheese’. Lovely stuff! Next, I’ll be looking for a scoby and making my own kombucha . . . Great post and thanks for the chuckles, too! ~ Linne


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