Ricotta Pasta- Frugal Friday

ricotta pasta- cityhippyfarmgirl

pasta- cityhippyfarmgirl

The secret to this dish is quality ingredients in the pasta and the ricotta. Pay that little bit more or even better make your own of both.

Super quick, easy and frugal for a Friday.

Ricotta Pasta

cook up some great pasta

stir through some excellent ricotta

in a pot add some

local garlic and olive oil

quickly stir through some

frozen peas or if you are lucky, fresh ones

pop that on top of your pasta

and roughly rip some garden mint on top

and eat with gusto.

frugal-friday-pasta || cityhippyfarmgirl


17 thoughts on “Ricotta Pasta- Frugal Friday

  1. Yum! What a pefect family dish. I use to buy ricotta from the Italian deli in Stanmore, it was the best tasting in my life and so cheap (too cheap for what is was) but then we moved to the Snowy Mountains and I had to buy from the supermarket counter and it tasted like water. I almost cried.


    • Zena I know that sad face. It’s ricotta sad face. I can still taste the fresh ricotta from Italy 14 years later, it’s very hard to compare to…although I may have to stake out a few places in Stanmore, that could be a taste that’s close!


      • Italian deli at Petersham (apologies) where I use to work at Marrickville Council, Stanmore is where I use to live:) Next time I have bad ricotta I’ll remember ‘ricotta sad face’ and it will make me laugh. Thanks!


    • Heidi I wish I could give you some mint. It’s one of the few things that are happily growing at the moment and I actually have surplus! You’ll have to imagine the big bouquet of mint I would give you if you were just a smidge closer.


  2. This looks absolutely delicious Brydie. Love the simple, clean and complimentary flavours. I often put ricotta, mint and peas together in a salad but I never thought to add pasta. I know what I’ll be making this weekend! xx


  3. I’m liking your idea for a Frugal Friday post. We are trying to only visit the grocery store once a week on Saturdays, so come Friday, I am being creative on the dinner front. Frugal around here it is! Last night I made up an easy soup with three main ingredients – carrots, one sweet potato, and a can of coconut milk.


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