kitchen moments

tiramisu- cityhippyfarmgirl

That moment when the Tiramisu sits on the kitchen bench, finished and ready to eat. A satisfied moment when you think, yeah…that looks alright.

That moment when you are gifted some homemade pickled garlic. Thankful for generous friends and impressed that she had got a farmer to grow ten kilos of organic garlic just for her.

That moment when you know the starter is ripe and ready. It’s time to get doughy.

chocolate brownie- cityhippyfarmgirlΒ That moment when you bite into a new concoction chocolate brownie, nod and smile a little. A chocolate brownie that was deadly simple to make and not disappointing at all to the taste buds, (with a few added surprises in there as well.)

api wrap- cityhippyfarmgirl

That moment when you see at your friend’s house a pretty nifty kitchen addition that you know you have to give a look into. Enter the ‘Apiwrap’– “…eco friendly and reusable kitchen wrap, perfect for storing food in the fridge or to go.” So what does this mean? It means a pretty rocking alternative to glad wrap people.

bitter almond aroma- cityhippyfarmgirl

And that moment of quiet inhalation of a tiny gifted pot of almondy goodness that no one else wants to know about. That is almond heaven right there, (all marzipan dislikers need not inhale.) Now what to make with you my pretty?

What’s happening in your kitchen at the moment?


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57 thoughts on “kitchen moments

  1. Ohh your kitchen must smell delicious.
    At the moment I’ve got Thyme ginger beer fermenting on the kitchen table and am about to try a new zucchini brownie recipe.


  2. Your tiramisu looks lovely Brydie! Any chance of sharing your brownie recipe please? There’s not much going on in my kitchen at present, but you’ve inspired me (as always)!


  3. So much goodness there – I really want to bite into those brownies – and the apiwrap sounds intriguing. My kitchen has bread dough proving and another bowl for the pizza dough for dinner – your sourdough inspiration is still infusing my kitchen I am very happy to say!


  4. I am completely enamoured of your garlic pickling friend being able to get a farmer to grow 10kg of organic garlic just for her. I would love to know what her secret was but I fear it has something to do with pert breasts and long flowing hair and large batting eyelids and I think I might be past being able to pull that one off…I NEED that brownie ma’am. I am serious. They just went on my bucket list. You know how you see the ubiquitous brownies and think “MAN they look dry!” Yours look unctuous. Yours look tender, sticky, dense, desirable, sensuous and completely and utterly decadent. Sharing the recipe would be the ONLY way that you could make it up to us for wafting them in front of our questing snouts and hanging that gorgeous image over us like the sword of tender tasty Damocles.

    Grass is happening in our kitchen…grass and dog hair and a strange series of unusual things piling up on top of stoves, benches and tables that really have NO place seeing the light of day inside a kitchen…nails, screws, even a tin of paint or two. While Steve and I turn ourselves into smurfs and Kermit the frog (respectively) and paint the deck, the kitchen has been left to its own devices. At the end of a long day hanging upside down with the blood rushing to your head in order to “just reach that little bit…” the LAST thing you want to do is pull out the butter and make puff pastry. Steve is just lucky that I have the last vestiges of energy to pull a Stromboli together and open a bag of (shock horror) oven fries! Keep these gorgeous products and productions coming ma’am…some of us are living vicariously through them in our early mornings before the stark reality of paint seeps into our days…I wasn’t kidding about those brownies…I NEED THEM! πŸ˜‰


    • Fran there is nothing worse than a dry brownie. Nothing. A little further up in the comments (to Keri) I mentioned the other two brownie recipes I have on here. An espresso one or wholemeal spelt (my favourite one so far.) The one pictured isn’t quite ready to be unleashed as I need to tweak a little more. It is still similar to the other two though and perfect fuel food for working long days with blood rushing to your head and aching painting limbs… Bake em’.


  5. Pass that spoon for the Tiramisu, but I’ll pass on the pickled garlic. My husband would like it though. The Apiwrap is just what I need. We try to use as little plastic as possible in our house, but what to do about blocks of cheese? Also, my little babe eats half a banana at a time and I have to use plastic wrap to cover the over half so it doesn’t brown. This is perfect!


  6. Brydie, your moment by moment interpretation of IMK this month was wonderful. That’s really what it’s about, isn’t it? Memorable moments… noticed, appreciated, and thankfully, shared. Happy New Year!


  7. Mmmm, ‘api wrap’ ! Having attempted to give up glad wrap a million trillion times until I caved in and also buying a giant roll of biodegradable cling wrap made out of corn that is still a giant roll because it won’t unroll and is all stuck together…i found myself on the api wrap link buying some of this to end my ever lasting love /hat affair with glad wrap. This is it glad wrap…we are over . …over I tell you!!


      • It took the best part of two days to reactivate itself properly and then all day yesterday for the first rise. I put it in the fridge overnight and had barely risen this morning so has now been out all day! It’s pretty much ready to bake now but have to do the school run. Hoping it’s not decided to go mad by the time I get back!!! It’s just my basic everyday loaf so won’t be on the blog but thanks again for the inspiration!


  8. Brian is a huge pickled garlic fan too, though he tends to buy large jars in the Bristol Sweet Mart and he buys olives stuffed with garlic too! and I am intrigued by the wrap and am going to look at your link and find out more! and the new brownies and it all looks absolutely beautiful in your kitchen, moment by moment xx Happy New Year!


  9. Nothing more pleasing that the tiny bubbles of a sourdough starter or yeast that has activated. It’s up there with popping bubble wrap… Thanks for the tip on ApiWrap. I’ve actually seen it many times in a couple of eco stores but never really investigated until now. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more IMK adventures in 2014.


  10. Hey, Brydie!
    Everything looks scrumptious! I like an alternative to glad wrap- I tend to use aluminum foil lined with parchment paper. Looking forward to yet another brownie masterpiece recipe! Love youi!


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