dalek rainbow cake

dalek birthday cake- cityhippyfarmgirl


What do Doctor Who and Luna Park have in common? An eight year old boy that’s what.

A very excited eight year old boy.



For more, ‘for the love of a dalek’ kind of stuff, have a look at Mel’s fantastic crocheted dalek. Absolutely brilliant!

24 thoughts on “dalek rainbow cake

  1. Lovely looking cake!

    Blue smarties were the most exciting ones when I was 8 years old. They never used to be included in UK packs so we’d excitedly get to eat the blue ones while on summer holidays in France. Simple pleasure when you were 8, they tasted just the same as the others!


  2. I was so curious to find out what a dalek cake was. I was thinking a greek marble cake – silly me, I should of known since I have a little star wars lego enthusiasts. Happy B’day to your big boy and a really cool cake!


  3. My son is 10 and LOVES Dr Who. He is obsessed and would love this cake. I am not into it one little bit but I do have something in common in that dr Who turned 50 and I did too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


  4. I always insisted that our own ex Prime Minister Bob Hawke, was Davros of Dr Who fame…hopefully he didn’t crash the party! Love the cake and that mug…instantly recognisable as a symbol of HUGE fun :). Hope an amazing 8th birthday was shared by all especially the lucky birthday boy 🙂


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