the kindness of others

daily rituals Dear ……..,

I frowned a little bit when I opened the package. Frowning seems to help with remembering, and while I stood in the post office I was wracking my brain trying to think whether I’d bought a book recently. I hadn’t bought a book though, and yet here was a book still sitting in my hands.

A beautiful book, that just reading the first paragraph within the sleeve had me smiling and knowing I was going to love it. I frowned again, trying to think… now who could have given it to me?

To Brydie, from Brydie.

I made some phone calls and sent some messages. None of those people had sent me this book.

My finger traced the front cover and my heart felt fuller, as I tried to think of who it could be. On a week that had felt rather overwhelming with all that motherhood and life had to offer it came at a wonderful time. Who would be so kind and thoughtful? Whose such generous kindness had I been the recipient of?

I didn’t know and it looked like I wasn’t supposed to know. I filled the coffee pot, got my favourite cup out, settled the little people and opened it up. I loved it.

Truly inspiring.

Both from the beautiful book and also, from the kindness of others.

With an enormous amount of gratitude, thank you.

Brydie. xxx


FRANZ KAFKA, frustrated with his living quarters and day job, wrote in a letter to Felice Bauer in 1912, “time is short, my strength is limited, the office is a horror, the apartment is noisy, and if a pleasant, straightforward life is not possible then one must try to wiggle through by subtle maneuvres.”- Daily Rituals, How Artists Work.

21 thoughts on “the kindness of others

  1. Wow- that is some special gift!
    And what a super way to give it anonymously!
    You touched somebodies heart and this is a thank you.
    You always touch my heart- but I haven’t sent you a book…..yet.


  2. What a beautiful thing to do. And what a gorgeous book too. You are so generous Brydie, I truly wish it was me that had sent you the gift. Enjoy 🙂 Mel x


  3. Hi Brydie, found your blog via Blog with Pip. That book looks great – maybe you can post a review when you’ve read it, i’d be very interested to hear more about it. Love the pics of Clovelly Road, I used to live right near there so it was great to see my old ‘hood. Cheers, Rachael


  4. Oh, how wonderful! I rather love the thought that perhaps you did send it to yourself, but forgot, and it came through at just the right time…but then I’d lose the lovely idea of someone else doing it. Either scenario is a refreshing take on life 🙂


  5. Oh I loved reading this. I have a couple of Scandi baking books, but I need to make time to bake! That book looks amazing and I am going to order it RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing your blog. It’s so lovely. Everyone should read it. Tell them to do that. Yep. x


    • Pip, if you ever get a chance to have a look at Morten Schakenda’s baking book do so, it’s awesome, (not that I speak a word of Norwegian.)
      As for this little book, excellent! Glad you’re going to order it, as I think for anyone even slightly creative (and you’re oodles and oodles creative) it’s an amazing book to read. I’ve loved every page.


  6. Thank you for your beautiful blog! It makes me feel good when i read it, all warm and fuzzy within, like we can live in the city even though we have grass on our knees and flowers in our hair! I look forward to reading this wee gem! I received an anonymous book gift once – such a treasure, that people can give with no want of a return – that is truly lovely. 🙂


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