flecks of gold


DSC_0180 copy  

DSC_0133 copy  DSC_0043 copy

DSC_0042 copy

a wintery afternoon light,

which always makes things look just a little more bright

organic face paint that creates instant tiger cubs,

growling and snarling, ready to bite

gingery beer with bubbles a plenty,

glasses filled up and eager hands reaching

sourdough loaves with crisses and crosses

and golden anzac biscuits cooling on a tray,

just moments before a tiny hand sneaks up

to take one away.

15 thoughts on “flecks of gold

  1. you little tiger cub looks so cute brydie..and now i want to make ginger beer..it’s one of my favourite soft drinks but only if it’s homemade..x


  2. Hi I have just started to make bread I make Rhondas 5 minute bread, but I really do not know what sour dough bread is can you help me.
    Thanks just in case you do 🙂



    • Hi Linda, sourdough is basically the old way of making bread, before commercial yeast was invented. It uses flour and water to create a “starter”, where over time it uses bacteria (wild yeast) to grow and in turn rises your bread. It’s pretty wonderful stuff to get into 🙂
      Lots and lots of great info around the web if you are interested!


  3. I love the ginger beer! Are you still brewing your own? I think I’ve told you I had a ginger beer bug when I was growing up and I just loved to make the brew – it was one of my Saturday jobs xx


    • Yep I’m making it again. I go in spurts of it, and when the projects on the bench get too many I stop it for a bit, (my 5year old is rather keen on it at the moment though.)
      You should get Alfie into doing it for you… It could be one of his Saturday jobs 🙂


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