when four turns into five

robot birthday cake- cityhippyfarmgirl five- cityhippyfarmgirl Β It’s the way the little fella likes to plans things you see. The day after his birthday, he starts planning for his next birthday. 364 days of planning and not faltering once from the theme. Robots he wanted this year…and robots it was.

A robot cake, which he excitedly decorated himself. Just leave me the middle, I whispered, not telling him why. The robot and and mini bunting I snuck on last minute. He got the joy of decorating his cake and I got the joy of still surprising him.

Robot party bags to be coloured in by the kids coming over. Pin the glasses on the robot and robot dance moves were a given. I didn’t want excessive waste, plastic or money spent and he wanted to just have fun with his friends. I think just maybe, we might have got the balance right.

robot party ideas- cityhippyfarmgirl

A few simple party ideas

– happy bee garden mix flower seeds (in the party bag.)

– recipe for bubble mixture passed on (in the party bag.)

– bunting decorations I had made. (With three kids, birthday celebrations of some sort are a given each year. Easy, instant, and a green option for decorating.)

– reusable plastic glasses with the child’s name on it, (not plastic one use throw aways.)

– kids get to decorate their own cupcakes.

– invites were retro ones found at Stash and Treasure for 20c a packet of 6.


olive oil bread bites

– gingerbread five’s

– popcorn

– fruit

– chocolate vanilla layer biscuits

– cupcakes

robot cake- cityhippyfarmgirl


26 thoughts on “when four turns into five

  1. Happy birthday to your little guy. School next year! I love how you let him decorate his own cake – I would have been so tense! I bet he’s still smiling about his special day xx


  2. I read an article a while back about a study done on childhood development and children who can delay gratification tend to be much more intelligent than those who need the sweetie, or whatever the “bait” was, immediately. Sounds like your little monkey must be very bright, to be able to plan and wait a WHOLE year. His cake is lovely and that party sounds just perfect!


  3. happy birthday to master five! sounds like a great party – we went to a huge birthday party on the weekend and after seeing the pinata sylvia has included it in the birthday plans. But I loved her simple birthday this year when she took a few friends outside to play in the wading pool! Love the cake and that he got to help decorate it – and also the fives – in fact all the ideas are great – must come back here when Sylvia hits 5


  4. Nothing like a green party hey. The first 5 years go past like greaased lightning don’t they. My eldest was 5 on August 8th and he too helped me t bake his cake. He’s also planning his 6th birthday already but I’ve evaded the how many days question by saying it’s a week after Daddy turns 47 which he hasn’t asked how many days until. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to Mr 5.


      • I prefer those questions to some of the other ones we keep getting asked. Most commonly I get the “Whatten if (translated as what happens if) a dinosaur was friends with a [insert animal of choice]?” or “would a tiger eat a dinosaur?” We’re sticking with the “but they couldn’t be as dinosaurs were extinct when [his animal of choice] was alive. Then there are THOSE questions that they ask as well. πŸ˜‰ *sigh* Oh for those innocent baby days hey. πŸ˜‰


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