little laughs




Deliciously inviting water….makes me want to flip my tail and turn somersaults in the sea

Pie… weekends with pie are good weekends. Very good weekends.

Packages sent on their way….filled with goodies, (and love.)

Spinning around never grows tired…little laughs are infectious.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

15 thoughts on “little laughs

  1. It was so delightful to recieve that leafy package! Thanks again- hubby also says thank you for the delicious minty-ness 🙂


  2. love your packaging – do you have your own blog stamp for parcels – it looks very elegantly simple – I wish I had a photo of you taking a photo of spinning child – I have images of you spinning around too with camera in hand – and laughing too


  3. Oh Brydie they are beautiful. You know how to say in 10 words what takes me 50. PS yes you can come and sit in my kitchen


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