In my kitchen… lie honey and spelt

 The kitchen floor is strewn with flour, my nails have dried dough embedded round the edges, and there is a softly residing smell of something that had vanilla in it from the oven.

My kitchen, where breakfasts, lunches and dinners begin and dishes mount with heady regularity.cityhippyfarmgirl

 Tomato and olive oil flat bread headed for a party in the park. Easy to make and easy to take.

DSC_0070 copyWon Berenberg products.  I was VERY excited to hear that I had won a Berenberg hamper of goodies from the lovely Amanda at Lambs Ears and Honey. Beerenberg is a lable that you probably recognise from grocery aisles. Why would you pick a jar or bottle up? Because, it’s locally made (SA) with local ingredients. Do you know how increasingly rare that is on supermarket shelf these days? (Expect rant post to come soon, as this truly drives me nuts.)

DSC_0074 copy

Farmers Markets goodies- $30 this cost. Locally grown just out on the edge of Sydney. Chemical, and spray free, and picked just a couple of days before. The farmer who lovingly grew all of this, predicted I would have a girl. She’s so busy with her market stalls at various farmers markets around Sydney I haven’t had a chance to tell her…that she was right. Instead, I show her my love by choosing where my vegetable dollar goes.

Honey and wholemeal spelt (oh and not to forget buckwheat) are probably my two most reached for ingredients in my baking at the moment. They both feel honourably wholesome and I’m loving the results they both give out. Old recipes are being switched round and new recipes are being tinkered with.

honey spelt

These biscuits are another version of the honey biscuits I’ve been making for quite awhile now. Easy, healthy, no sugar and flexible. More butter will make them crisper, more honey and they will be chewier, don’t squish them down and they will stay as little round domes. Easy

Honey Spelt Biscuits

150g softened butter

200g honey

1 tsp vanilla

375g wholemeal spelt

Mix it all together, roll into balls, squish them down slightly onto a lined or greased tray. Bake at 180C until golden.


For more kitchen action, have a peek into Celia’s kitchen and some of the others linking up.

36 thoughts on “In my kitchen… lie honey and spelt

  1. Congrats on winning the prize – great Aussie goods and yes, it disgusts me how few Aussie goods are on the shelves these days – where’s the common sense. I would like to try baking those biscuits – so few ingredients xx


  2. I’m just starting on the journey to an organic, chemical free home. My local markets are Addison Rd and Orange Grove, but are still finding my groove. Love the look of these bikkies…how simple!


    • Great markets to be close to Roar Sweetly. It really does take awhile to get a rhythm happening. It took me quite awhile, to work out what works and what doesn’t. Generally, it’s fairly easy now though, so keep at it 🙂


  3. I’ve been using more spelt in my baking – following your example, Brydie – and I always prefer to use honey rather than sugar or corn syrup.
    This is the vegetable seller/grower with those beautiful growing hands? I love that picture- my mother had hands that looked like hers- they were always planting something in the soil. My hands are normally flour encrusted, with dough stuck under my nails, but come Spring, I have to wash a lot of dishes before I make bread- so I can get the dirt out from under my nails. My two sensory loves- flour and dirt!


  4. Lovely goodies for sure Brydie! I have certain brands/products I religiously stick to as they’re all Australian products and I don’t mind paying extra at all to support our own farmers.


  5. lately i’ve been thinking about recipes to showcase some lovely honeys i’ve been buying such as red stringy bark, messmate, kamarooka, orange blossom to name a few and your biscuit recipe would be fantastic because of the limited number of ingredients..i love the look of the triangle on the top of them by the way..and i agree with you about beerenberg products..i use their chutney occasionally because i don’t make my own..looking forward to your rant!..x


    • Lovely sounding honeys Jane. I think these basic biscuits would be fine for that as you can really taste the honey flavour (I always go for a dark, stronger tasting one.) Maybe a honey halva as well would show them off??


  6. What a wonderful win. The supermarkets in Scotland are encouraged to support local industry and can stock local items. That’s my idea of how it should be 🙂


  7. oh that bread…….picture perfect! Question – our trusty camera has died and your photos are so clear (perhaps just a good photographer!) but was wondering what type of camera you were using? Happy baking Brydie 🙂


    • Nikon d3100 is the one I use Claudia. Nothing fancy, but a really good light weight dslr. I’m usually lugging around a whole bunch of other stuff and if it was any heavier I wouldn’t take it as much. The lenses I use the most are 35mm f1.8 and a 50mm f1.8. I only rarely use a zoom. Hope that helps 🙂


  8. Fabulous flatbread. I think everyone has the same problem with wanting to buy local food. But what do you do when faced with two identical cucumbers in the shop when the local one is more expensive than the one that’s still grown in the same country but further away?


  9. I bought wholemeal spelt flour thinking it was gluten free – to bake for a friend. Only to discover that it is NOT. Definitely giving this easy recipe a try!


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