Where do you find your inspiration?



The inspirational hour.

That time when darkness still lurks on the corners. Soft greying light gets slowly pushed out of the way for bright orange and pink streaks. The sun is yet to emerge, and my chai sits steaming before me. The rest of the household sleep on. This is my time. Quite often far too brief, but my time non the less. This is when ideas sprout, words seem clearer and inspiration is welcomed. I love this time of day.Β For me, it truly is the inspirational hour.


Some wonderfully inspiring things going on at the moment that may tempt you just a little.

Crowd farmed catered event at TEDx Sydney–Β Saturday 4th May. Inspiring, a truly inspiring day. I’m not going to the event, (unlike this incredibly lucky lady) but do plan on going to one of the satellite events.

Three day Strawbale Building course- Mudgee, NSW. Strawbale houses would have to be at the top of my most oohed and aahhed over houses.

Bhutan- the first country in the world to go 100% organic. This is truly inspiring.

If you’ve ever considered eating locally before, but haven’t quite had the courage to start, this maybe the challenge to help you. Local Harvest encourages individuals, households and communities, to take on bite sized, meal sized or feast sized challenges. The annual challenge week has already passed, but you can do your own at any time. I’m really tempted by the feast sized challenge, it would be hard….anyone else want to do it with me??


Tell me, what’s inspiring you at the moment? Person, place or thing?

26 thoughts on “Where do you find your inspiration?

  1. I would!
    I LOVE to feed people.
    As many as possible!
    A local food feast challenge would be fun.
    I once made 100 apple dumplings and many other apple related items for
    an Autumn birthday party. It was an adult party so I didn’t have to come up with favors and games- we just had musicians wandering about like minstrels and decorated with baskets of apples and pumpkins and chrysanthemums.
    Feasts are fun.
    My inspiration comes from intense quiet times.
    And very busy times spent with children.
    Depends on what I’m inspired to do, I guess! πŸ™‚
    Great post!


  2. Hi Brydie. I’m right this very second enjoying my Inspiration time! I’ve been awake since 5.50am. The rest of the family is still asleep before the school rush. I’ve sketched up an idea for a job I’m working on, have read about the renaissance of a 1920s abandoned Russian Revival cinema in Paris and have planned a few recipes. I’m onto my second cup of coffee. Pure bliss. Local Harvest sounds incredible – maybe I can squeeze in a peep at the website before the first ‘MUUUUUUM’ rings out from down the hallway…


    • Saskia I hear you πŸ™‚ It really is about how much you can squeeze in before the first little footsteps start towards you isn’t it. (I love the sounds of your start of the day though- job ideas, 1920’s Parisian theatre, and recipes?…sounds wonderful!)


  3. Hi, I’m guessing your season is going into fall, mine is just getting to fair spring, though you wouldn’t know it, by the mix of snow, hail, sleet, rain, and wind, we are having today, in northwest Montana!
    My time is in the evening, chores are done, the woodstove is firing up, kettle warming for a hot cuppa! Done as much for the day as I can, all the birds are tucked safely in the coop, and the frogs are piping up a chorus of song!
    Everyday is new, the rhubarb is up a foot, the horseradish is almost ready for harvest and replanting, and the asparagus is pushing fat spears up for harvest soon! Wild onion, dandelion, and other wild edibles are in abundance.
    As the fire crackles, the steam rises, and soon a cup of earl grey, time for reflection, as the setting sun paints the sky in candy colors, and the night closes in…
    Little Feather/Willow Farwood


  4. I love the quiet of the early morning too. I love the stillness and the fact that everyone else is asleep and I know I can do a few things without hearing, ‘Mum!’ But like you say, it’s often all too brief xx


  5. i love the early hours of the morning too brydie..it’s when i indulge in a pot of tea and my ‘thinking time’..

    i’m inspired by the passion and resolve in those who are trying to be the best they can be..


  6. My inspiration comes from very talented – mostly – ladies who blog about a very diverse range of subjects from farming, sustainability, funny dogs, good writers and photographers and those who cook. I am inspired by their culinary achievements (not the least sourdough 😦 ). So you are inspiring, Brydie. Love your blog. Joy


  7. I agree, there is something about the dawn of the day, that half moment between sleeping and waking, where my imagination exists and plays at it’s best. Sometimes I wish that I could just remain in that moment for eternity, but then it wouldn’t be such a precious experience if we could. It is the time when I get the best ideas for my art.


  8. The cooler weather and some real rain has inspired us here on Serendipity Farm. It’s amazing how much more work you actually want to do when the sun is shining and its a crips clear and clean day out there rather than sweltering in hot dry conditions. I even got a little bit sunburnt (not hard in Tassie folks…we have no ozone layer…cheers rest of the world!) and was inspired to use some kefir on my face. Feels great today. I get up at 3am. I used to be a night person but my wonderful early morning adventures and first cup of tea with no-one but me and Brunhilda our big wood burning stove to share it with are magic. The sun still isn’t up here yet (5.18am) but it did just rain so today is taking shape outside whether I can see it or not :).


    • 3am? Hats off to you Narf, that is indeed inspiring. I love the imagery of you stoking your fire, sipping tea and enjoying the quiet time though. Lovely.

      …and intrigued by the kefir on your face. Sounds good!


      • Felt good too! I must say I read it in a blog the other day and thought it might be a good idea for summer… didn’t realise that I might need it sooner ;). It’s apparently a Russian skin treatment so that works for me! Tassie feels a bit like Russia (Siberia) at the moment πŸ˜‰


  9. Well done Bhutan! Can you imagine if Australia followed their footsteps? How incredible would it be?! I find the blog world inspiring. I’m still fairly new but am learning new things each and every day. Its such a lovely place to be.
    I also find my 20 month old daughter inspiring. She is starting to put two to three words together and yet she communicates like she’s been doing it for years.


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