warm seas and soft light

DSC_0086 copy

cityhippyfarmgirl DSC_0019 copy DSC_0068 copy

flowers copy

Β This is my favourite time of year

warm morning seas

soft afternoon light

and cooler nights.

Hello autumn

you’ve arrived.



27 thoughts on “warm seas and soft light

  1. brydie..it’s such a lovely season..a reprieve from the heat of summer and before the cold arrives..but it’s also a time of urgency where planting, bottling, jamming and so on need to be done before it’s too cold and summer produce is finished..


    • Jane this season I’ve preserved so little, it actually pains me a bit. I have to make some chilli sauce today which helps a little but I did no where near the preserving that I would normally do. I hope your gardening and bottling plans are in full flourish!


  2. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons- like Spring and the beginnings of Summer and Winter, the last two just are impolite- not knowing when their time is up and trying to stay around past their welcome.
    Lovely pictures, Brydie!


  3. I agree- definitely my favourite time of the year too. Though it felt like we started Autumn then went back to summery weather. This week though I think the scales are tipping back with snow forecast on the mountains. I’m looking forward to finally lighting our fire place.
    Lovely images! Enjoy your school holidays too (and yes one of the best parts is no lunch boxes!)


  4. This is definitely my favourite season too Brydie. Ours is lingering longer than usual this year, and the soft light and bright colored leaves are stunning πŸ™‚


  5. I am right there with you :). Cold mornings, cold nights…I can sleep WITH the doona on, Brunhilda (our 4 oven woodburning behemoth of a stove is on almost 24/7 and the pleasure of re-igniting her from her overnight slumber is FAR more than the sum of it’s parts πŸ™‚ ) and cooking again…lots and lots of cooking! Time to plant out all of our poor long suffering potted plants so that next summer they won’t have to languish in water stressed pain again…time to make a bigger veggie garden…time to walk the dogs a LOT as its gorgeous out there! Green has come back, I only have to water the veggies every couple of days…I LOVE autumn πŸ™‚


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