man biscuits

cityhippyfarmgirl Yesterday Mr Chocolate had a day that involved scaling 12 foot walls, crawling through electrical currents, jumping into iced water and moving through incredibly small muddy spaces- Twenty kilometres of that kind of fun.

While I certainly don’t think of this as a boys only event, (as I would like to give it a crack one day)  I do think the testosterone would have been running freely as he was teamed up with a group of four others who eat words like competition for breakfast.

To even out the manliness of the group, kilos of mud they were going to be carrying in the pockets, and the general ‘extreme-ness’ of the day. I made the girliest biscuits I could think of… jusssst in case they were hungry.

Man Biscuits

250g softened butter

220g (1 cup) caster sugar

4 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

450g (3 cups) plain flour

Beat softened butter and sugar together until creamy looking. Add vanilla and eggs, beat until mixed well. Add the flour and mix until a dough forms. Roll out mixture between two sheets of baking paper to about 1cm thickness with a rolling pin. Pop the dough sheets in to the fridge until hardens completely.

Once hardened, take the sheets out, remove baking paper and cut your shapes. Lay them on a lined baking tray. Bake at 180C for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Icinging sugar and beetroot juice for the top


12 thoughts on “man biscuits

  1. indeed these are girlie biscuits – so much so that they gave me a laugh – and I hate to revert to a stereotype but I would far prefer to bake these than get into he-man challenges. But if I was to do the sort of testosterone fuelled fun then it would be all the sweeter if these biscuits were greeting me at the end.


  2. The contrast of your title with the opening picture has made my afternoon 🙂 Excellent choice! Congratulations to Mr Chocolate too – I have heard of Tough Mudder, and like you would quiet like to do it one day, but haven’t got anywhere near to being brave enough yet. I’m sure he and his friends appreciated these no end.


  3. They really are very beautiful cookies and I’ll refrain from telling you that after that kind of an event I’m sure they’d be happy to eat anything put in front of them. The difference, is that what you made is memorable xx


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