hello 2013



christmas trees


The holiday break

saw time slowing down

family recharging time

new foods being explored

time with loved ones

reconnecting with dear friends

cool swims in blue pools

walks on beaches collecting, collecting…always collecting

long chats over long coffees

short chats over new toys

belly laughing baby giggles

baby legs finding a new footing

time to inhale


hello 2013


24 thoughts on “hello 2013

  1. I am reading this from Japan and just imagining the nice cool beach…. while sitting wrapped up by the fire! I’m looking forward to trying more of your fantastic recipes this year and following your journey. Happy New Year!


  2. Oh, what wonderful sentences. Blue ponds.. Ah, that sounds like what I need. We spent the eve on the couch with both a box of Kleenex and a bottle of champagne. We sneeze, cough and ache – but getting better. A nice stroll through the park later with the cool winter air should do us some good. Happy New year, Brydie!


  3. OOhh, your feet have metamorphosed…LOL! I know where you were; I’d like to live there, if I could afford it! Happy New Year to you! Greetings from Melbourne. 😀


  4. Sounds as though you’ve all been having a wonderful time. It’s so hard to imagine warmth and blue sky, but your pictures have transported me. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year.


  5. Happy New Year Brydie! Wishing you well for the new year. I’m glad to have you back blogging and also very glad you got some peace during the holiday season!


  6. happy new year brydie – sounds like you have had some good time out – can you send some my way 🙂 Just noticed your new header – not sure how long it has been there – love it!


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