sunny greetings


the sea is calling

a time to slow down


dig holes with our toes in the sand

and dream a little

there will be long overdue conversations

probably over coffee…and toy cars

maybe even a biscuit or three


I”m unplugging for the rest of the year. Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Sunny Greetings



21 thoughts on “sunny greetings

  1. Brydie, wishing you the merriest Christmas and wonderful times with your beautiful family over the Summer Holidays. Love that you are ‘unplugging’ for a bit. And Thank you so much for all your lovely e-mails and comments over the last couple of months. I’ve enjoyed your Blog so much. See you in 2013! Mel xx


  2. Brydie, thank you for all your lovely posts during the year, pictures of a city I used to know and the continuing battle with the sourdough (mine, not yours). Have a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2013. Joy


  3. Merry Christmas , Brydie- a great year of wonderful posts. I am unplugging too till new year – have a lovely holiday , this time with little ones is so very precious.kimx


  4. Happy holidays and a very fruitful and glorious 2013 to you and your family. May love and laughter fill all rooms and cracks, so no one is unaffected. Hugs from Turid


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