a little slow living round here


 Nourish- My little kitchen has been churning out quite a lot at the moment. Including the ever reliable Anzac Biscuits for when things are called for at a last minutes notice. Make these and I know I won’t turn up somewhere empty handed. Rhubarb recipes have been enjoyed, the ever present sourdough and I’m still playing with cardamom buns. So many doughy variations to play with!

Grow- My mint was finally looking reasonable once more. I had conquered it. I would now have a steady supply of delicious mint infused meals. Then, I didn’t look at it for several days… a big mistake. Someone else had also decided it quite fancied some delicious mint infused meals.

I found the culprit, a big dirty caterpillar, then I found another, and another. Needless to say, those minty meals will have to wait…again.

Create- I’m happy to say there has been quite a bit of creating action going on round here lately. My Wednesday group’s blanket is growing, and things are slowly getting stitched together. Bunting had been planned for far too long, and finally I decided enough was enough and I just had to do it. A fine example of some shonky sewing, but I did it and I’m happy about that. Advent calendar plans are still being mused over. I wanted to do one last year, hell I think even the year before as well and I still haven’t started. Time is tick tocking, but I’m still hoping to get it together… hopefully.

Discover- I was very happy to see that my local library had ordered in Whole Larder Love. Such a wonderful book and stunning photography by the very talented Rohan.

Prepare- Eeek! Not a lot happening here. I can’t think of anything I have done to preserve this last month. I’m actually having jamming withdrawals at the moment so, I suspect some preserving is just around the corner. Stone fruits are slowly trickling in too, just the thing for a little jamming action.

Enhance/Connect- Beautiful little Tasmanian wooden buttons sent to me from the lovely Mel @ Coal Valley View. Now what shall I make with them?

A gathering yesterday that was so much fun, I just wanted to rewind the whole thing and press repeat- Food, lots of people big and small, all in an open green space.

I also swapped some sourdough starter and some bread to another mama from school. She in turn gave me some kimchi. So much nicer than what I had bought recently, absolutely delicious. As for the starter, I love thinking about how many kitchens those little tubs of starter have travelled to.

Enjoy- the year is galloping along, and this time of year finds a whole heap of enjoyable things happening round these parts….and that is a whole bunch of happy.


For more slow living action, pop over to the lovely Christine @Slow Living Essentials.

26 thoughts on “a little slow living round here

  1. Sounds like you had a great week. I love those gorgeous wooden buttons. So looking forward to seeing your Advent calendar. It’s lovely how you can swap things with people. Sorry about the mint but I’m glad you found the culprit xx


  2. I have to laugh about your troubles with mint. Someone who owned our house before us planted mint in the flower garden… We now only have mint and a few weeds in that garden. We keep pulling it out and it keeps growing back. Oy.


  3. I can well relate to the caterpillars on my cherry tomatoes. No sooner dealt with that problem when I spied a row of white cockatoos lined up on the garden fence. Went to inspect; not a tomato cherry in sight; totally decimated. Grrrrr.
    I made Anzac bikkies too; first bikkies to try in my new oven. Verdict. Yummy but too dark in colour. We’re a way off becoming in sync my new Bosch and I. I miss my old girl. How’s your mixer going? Still happy.
    Finally knuckled down to make my bunting. You can check mine out Brydie as I posted about it last week. Now, I have a whole heap to sew as I need about 18metres of them to decorate my outdoor area at the farm.
    Those buttons are gorgeous. Use to embellish calico bags, T-shirts, aprons, even your bunting pieces for a talking point.


  4. A little slow living goes a long way in providing calm and peace, even when reading about it 🙂 I love the look of those buttons too.


  5. I still haven’t tried ANZAC cookies- I tried making them with corn syrup rather than golden syrup and ugh! terrible. I’m going to try again soon, since my niece sent me some golden syrup.
    Your week sounds lovely.
    I would like to report a similar week- but no- mine has been hectic.


  6. Aw Brydie, so glad you like the buttons and thanks for the lovely mention 🙂 I really like these slow living posts and what a lovely week you’ve had. Think I’d like to join in with the slow living series so pop over to Christines Blog now, Have a great day! Mel xx


  7. Ooh, your blanky is growing by the week! Very exciting, Brydie. I’m liking the sound of the kimchi too..even though I have absolutely no idea what it is. And those buttons, now they are divine!! 🙂


  8. Damn caterpillar! Something is eating my strawberries, but I think it’s a bird- just the red bits are being picked out around any unripe parts. I’m thinking I might need too decorates the patch with tinsel for a bit of bird scaring and seasonal cheer 🙂


  9. Your anzacs look lovely – in fact all your photos do – nice to read of your contentment – though that is a shame about the mint – ours comes and goes but it is one of the hardiest potted plants that always bounces back – wishing a speedy recovery for yours


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