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“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE

Getting to take photos at a friends small people party. I get such an enjoyment from taking pictures, the camera is a wonderful thing. Willing friends that let me practise on them, love that.

Making bunting. I had a gentle reminder of why the sewing machine hasn’t been dragged out much lately. My baby helper lay over my foot on the machines pedal, tugged on the bias ending as I sewed it on through, got stuck weaving herself through the chair legs, and taste tested every triangle I sewed. The sewing is definitely a little shonky, but jeez, I’m loving that I did it.

Hula Hoop workshop. Cirque du Soleil performer I am certainly not, but it was fun.

Getting to enjoy the company of my grandparents visiting, obviously I had to make a cake for the occasion.

Co sleeping and breastfeeding, it makes my life so much easier. She loves it, and is happy…which makes me happy. Love that.

A pot of chai to start the day with.

Watching these two love each others company while Monkey Boy is at school. That just makes my heart feel big in so many ways.


If anyone else would like to do a ‘loving this week’ post, (or simply write something in the comments). Please let me know, link back to this post and I’ll do a link up. I would love to know about those little moments in your week that have tickled your heart.


Have a look at Kari’s “loving this week” post on Rottnest Island– beautiful!


38 thoughts on “loving this week

  1. Beautiful small people photos and the cake looks pretty good too. Loving this week for me has been a weekend away with school friends of 27 years and laughing as we had to pause after every photo for it to be tweeted.


  2. I’m loving the slow descent of the leaves to the ground- the crunchy sound of walking and the fragrance of Fall. Add to that the aroma of freshly baked bread, the sound of my husband’s laughter and the flavor of a good cup of coffee on a brisk morning.
    Love your pictures, Brydie!


  3. You are kidding. I made some bunting the other and was not happy with the size – felt they were a little too fat and shortish – so the plan today was to make some that were longer and thinner. Still haven’t got the bias but was planning to do that today. So my dear may I ask did you use bias that was already doubled and pressed over or did you sew the bunting in place and then iron over the bias yourself? I want to take the easy route and use doubled over bias – hoping I can find some.

    Your ‘loving this week’ idea sounds lovely. Give it a go Brydie.


    • Mariana I am no sewer. I’m enthusiastic, but lack any common sense and skill when it comes to sewing. So with that in mind, what did I do? For a start, I think my template was 19cmx26cm, and the bias was what I had already lurking around. It would have been nicer if it was thicker, but I didn’t want to buy any. So making do with that thickness, one side is folded over and the other is ironed out- (does that make sense?)
      Is your bunting for your wonderful/exciting/delicious idea?


      • No sewer aye. Looks pretty damn good for a ‘no sewer’. Just measured my last effort and no wonder it was fairly dumpish looking. It was 19cm x 20cm. Won’t be doing that one again. I had already made up the template for my next attempt and it’s 21cm x 30cm. Will give that one a go and let you know how it turns out. I think I’ll place mine a little closer together than you’ve done. Thanks for the bias explanation – and of course you didn’t buy any – being the resourceful cityhippyfarmgirl that you are.
        Just wanna master the bunting first, then will see how to incorporate it into any exciting ideas – hehe.


  4. I can just imagine how challenging that sewing experience must have been. Many times I have started a project but had little apprentices under my feet and it does take the task to a whole new dimension. What a beautiful looking cake! xx


  5. -Being cared for by Husband while slightly feverish.
    -Walking down to our favourite place to enjoy some Oktoberfest beer and ending up having the most wonderful conversation with lots of deep belly laughs.
    -Fresh, new sheets.
    -Lemon drizzle cake from Riverside Farmers Market
    -Long talks to mom over the phone
    -Feeling ridiculously happy and newlywed


      • Turid I hope you are feeling better now, being sick really is no fun at all. What is fun though is being a freshly wed couple! Enjoy every second of that ridiculously happy feeling, soak it in lovely.


  6. Got to love the co sleeping breastfeeding combo for getting enough sleep (only thing is I’m still doing it almost 2 years down the track!). Sewing can be such a challenge with a little one. Sometimes I have to pop Violet on my lap just to get it done. She likes to watch me sewing. The bunting turned out lovely.


    • So that’s how you get all your amazing sewing done Tania!
      As for the two years and still going strong, you know it will stop one day, and you’ll wonder where that short time went? It’s snuggly and warm, of course they don’t want to leave 🙂


  7. I love that quote and your post Brydie! I’ve been doing this on a daily basis with my 366 Project, taking a photo a day of something I’m grateful for, for a year (I’m up to 267). It’s beautiful to look back on the year and see the story. x

    168/366: grateful for starting the day with a smile.


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