Fetta Pumpkin sausage rolls

Fetta Pumpkin sausage rolls. They weren’t shifting out of my head until I made them. A few pumpkins came and went, fetta went into other dishes, and then finally the planets had aligned and voila… there was fetta and pumpkin in the fridge at the same time.

Time to get roasting.

There aren’t too many ingredients in here, so the key to getting it to taste great, is using great ingredients. A very sweet, seasonal pumpkin, some tasty Greek fetta, local whole garlic cloves and pastry.

It’s not often you’ll find packaged pastry in my recipes. I hadn’t had any in my freezer for a really long time. So long in fact that, the pastry and I just sort sat there, eyeing each other off for awhile. In the end though, pastry won. I wasn’t about to expand my culinary skills on making puff pastry just yet, (give me another 15 years perhaps) and a shorter crust pastry just wasn’t going to cut it for this one. So I slit the plastic, and funnily enough the world didn’t end.

Fetta Pumpkin Sausage Rolls




salt and pepper

olive oil

puff pastry

Cut your pumpkin into wedges and lay on a tray

add a couple of whole cloves of garlic

drizzle with olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

roast until soft and smelling delicious

All into a bowl, and mash with a fork, cool

add crumbled fetta, stir through.

Spoon mixture into middle of pastry sheet, and roll up

cut into sizes you want, bake on tray at 200C

until golden and smells delicious


43 thoughts on “Fetta Pumpkin sausage rolls

  1. this sounds very interesting, and such a nice change from meat variations! I have not tried to make puff pastry and it is not on my list of things to do for sure!


  2. I love my veg sausage rolls – it is the main reason that puff pastry sneaks into my freezer – I keep intending to try other pastry but who am I kidding the sausage rolls are fancy


  3. This looks amazing!
    Sometimes using a storebought ingredients just ensures that the food gets made- and surely that justifies it.
    I’m impressed that you are doing all this baking and cooking with a new baby!


  4. Oh, dear, I hadn’t thought we need to apologize for using a packaged pastry dough?? (Since I’m using one in tomorrow’s blog.) Well… I’m all about convenience sometimes, there will come a day when my kids have moved out and I’m no longer working that I hope to learn how to make puff pastry. It would be great to know how. I love your combination of flavors here.. they look so pretty!


  5. I bet these smelt amazing when they were cooking in the oven. Pumpkin and fetta are a great combination. I always have frozen pastry in my freezer. It’s not my preferred choice but always handy in a crisis!


  6. Brydie darling, I love that when the rest of us have newborns, we buy takeaway meals and disposable nappies and whine about how little sleep we get. You on the other hand buy the odd packet of puff pastry to wrap your delicious homemade fillings in. You really are something else, girlfriend. 🙂 xx


    • Celia I bought takeaway last night, the best I could think of in the area, and it was…crap. Standards round here need to be well and truly lowered! Cheese on toast would have been better.

      Mr Chocolate said it was Napoli in Bocca from now on or nothing for him 🙂


  7. what a great idea brydie..they look so lovely with their golden filling..x

    by the way i’ve tried commenting a few times previously but i kept getting an error message..i had to log in to wordpress to post you a message..


      • Jane I had a few problems myself trying to leave a comment the other day. Then I realised what I was doing wrong. When you have to read, and then key in, the two handwritten words (to prove you are not a robot) I was typing them in as two words. When I joined the two words together as one, it worked.


  8. I like pumpkin everything and puff pastry is always high in my list as well. recently I have started to eat more vegetable based food and this would make a great meal with a side salad. thanks for sharing. love the picture of the uncooked dough.


  9. Oh …oh oh…I am just soooooooo happy about this post!!!!!!!!!! For the past 2 years I have been driving to a bakery 30 minutes away and buying their delicious pumpkin and feta rolls. Every time I ate them, I tried to work out what the ingredients were…. my family was fed some terrible concoctions as I sought the elusive pumpkin and feta roll.
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou… I am picking a pumpkin out of the garden right now!!! I am in pumpkin feta heaven.
    I know I sound strangely excited about this …but the recipe has remained so elusive for so long and I googled everything!!


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