loving this week

each bead representing it's own beautiful birth

Loving this week…

after bed time meet ups for coffee and cake with my girls

crossing things off lists

rediscovering cooking tasty food, (I had lost my mojo, but Friday saw it swinging back)

my internet connection coming back… I feel human again

wonderful visits from my wonderful midwife

knowing that my time is close… knowing that so many women have gone before me with their own birth journey, and are now sending that love on to me for my journey

Saturday morning cafe visit…chai tea. In a pot…and the paper

soothing massages from hands that know just what to do

early morning walks with the sun rising over misty grounds

giggles with The Monkeys and

chuckles with Mr Chocolate


What have you been loving this week?

43 thoughts on “loving this week

  1. Beautiful. 🙂
    I’m intrigued about the necklace..there are a lot of births on there…

    Here I’ve been loving harvesting things from the garden, the window of time in the middle of the day, and seeing, joking and laughing with my girlfriends again..

    Deep breath, enjoy the week, Brydie! xx


  2. I’ve been loving my journey to Italy, visiting friends in Hong Kong and spending time in snowy Helsinki and beautiful Rome. I am now in my house in Bagni di Lucca sitting by the heater embroidering curtains. It is freezing outside!!!


  3. I am also intrigued by that necklace, Brydie.. do they each contribute one bead after giving birth… something that represents themselves?? or a story? Very cool! I’ve been enjoying having my two kids at home and our bake sale today:)


    • That bake sale was incredibly impressive! Everything was beautiful.
      As for the necklace… yes 🙂 Each birthing mama contributes a bead after giving birth. A bead that represents her birth, her journey or her story. Whenever the moment is right, the bead is sent back to my midwife and added, with the necklace being passed on to the next birthing mama to be. A pretty special thing to be a part of…


  4. ‘knowing that my time is close… knowing that so many women have gone before me with their own birth journey, and are now sending that love on to me for my journey’ – I got tingles reading that line reminding me of the the birth of my son … sending much love your way. Those birth beads a beautiful.

    I’m loving more unravelling, feeling clay in my hands, and cool drinks with friends 🙂


  5. What a lovely post, filled with gratitude! Im not sure how you managed to do it so well in so few words but you’ve created such an air of expectancy, that gentle waiting womanliness, that it that so touching.
    The necklace is beautiful, both in terms of its symbolism and its artistry. Really lovely. I wonder if it will be present with you when your little one is born. I add my voice to the chorus wishing you continued peace and many birth-day blessings!


  6. Watching the snow silently, slowly fall…
    sitting next to a cheery crackling fire-
    reading books by some of my favorite authors.
    Baking-baking -baking…
    breads, cookies, cakes,pizza, calzones.
    Visiting with old friends-
    meeting some new friends.
    Enjoy this time, Brydie- preparing for such a joyous arrival.
    I’m praying for grace, and health and a safe birth.


  7. Oh my dear lord – has it really been this long since I last visited! It seems to me you’ve written a book in that time. How fast time gets away! Sounds like your impending birth is not far – also sounds like you feel ready. How exciting for you and your family; but mostly I hope all goes well and a healthy little bundle results.
    My son’s birthday is the 16th so I hope ‘baby’ arrives then! But then again, so is Valentino Rossi’s birthday and you may not want a motorbike rider in the family – and yes, my son rides a motorbike! Perhaps a ‘valentine’ baby instead. Oooh I’m getting silly, but seriously, I wish you all the very best Brydie and I hope all goes smoothly for you.


  8. Oh Brydie, I have been thinking of you. Sending you an ocean of blessings for the imminent arrival of buba. That birthing necklace is stunning…the wisdom of those that have birthed before you.

    “Your spirit as a woman has all the knowledge and power you need to give birth and to nurture your baby. It is in your genes. It has been there since you yourself were conceived. You can trust its wisdom.” – Gurmukh Khalsa

    Om shanti suka Om x


  9. bless you its so exciting! I don’t think anything in life is as amazing and wonderful as bringing a new life into this world, and then bringing that little person back to meet their family – got tears in my eyes thinking about it! I wish you so much luck and hope it is quick and joyful and make sure you video that moment where the baby meets the other two, a friend posted that moment on her Facebook page and I cried for ages (maybe I need to get myself a baby number 3 of my own!)


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