Raspberry Chocolate Layer Cake- let’s just look at the pretty pictures




Ah this week, you’ve been a funny one

up, down and turned it all around

big ups

big downs

a Monkey Boy Birthday

a Monkey Boy hospital visit

some Monkey Boy hives

a mama virus straight from hell


happy baking

a gathering

lots of laughs and smiles

 the big storm ending Sunday evening



What’s been happening in your week?

Vanilla Cake

Raspberry Jam

150g raspberries

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 lime squeezed

Chocolate layer

150g melted chocolate (50%)

250g mascarpone

50g icing sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

Vanilla Cream

300mls cream

50g icing sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla


extra raspberries


29 thoughts on “Raspberry Chocolate Layer Cake- let’s just look at the pretty pictures

  1. wow impressive cake – especially given that week – or was it from earlier? sorry to hear ill health has been plaguing you but sounds like you are all doing ok and enjoying the good things of life too – I am just suffering the small child who doesn’t want to sleep – argh!


  2. You did have a hard week!
    And yet you are celebrating with beauty and flavor- good job,Brydie!
    My week was not wonderful, but it gave me a moment or two to reflect and enjoy the simple joys in my life.
    Perhaps the coming week will be filled with large and small moments of joyous and happy living!


  3. what a beautiful cake. so happy the storm has gone and that you could gather around this wonderful treat.


  4. I hope you’re all recovered from various illnesses! So impressed that you managed to make such a beautiful cake amongst the chaos – hope you were able to enjoy it!


  5. So sorry to hear that you’ve all been crook, Brydie. No fun when kids end up in hospital.
    Still, you’ve shown remarkable resilience by baking such a knockout cake – wonder woman!


  6. What a week! Sending loads of love and maybe I’ll just grab a strawberry in passing (slap my fingers). Hope you are all feeling better now. I always love your celebration cakes, they have that fresh look coupled with pzazz that makes them special 🙂


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