smells like pink cupcakes

I couldn’t get them out of my head.

Pink cupcakes.

Everywhere I turned. There they were in my thoughts. In all their pinkness… and cupcakey-ness.

Little Monkey was even beginning to smell like pink cupcakes.

…actually I always think he smells like a pink cupcake.

Monkey Boy doesn’t smell like a pink cupcake. But he likes to eat them. Both of them like to eat them.

Now I’ve made them I can turn my attention to more pressing matters at hand, (like reading.)


Pink Cupcakes

150g softened butter

150g caster sugar

2 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

3tbls natural yogurt

80mls milk (1/3 cup)

225g s/r flour (1 1/2 cups)

Cream butter and sugar, add vanilla, eggs, yogurt, milk. Fold through flour.

Bake at 180C for approximately 25 minutes.


2 dessert spoons natural yogurt

red colouring (I used a little beetroot juice)

icing sugar

38 thoughts on “smells like pink cupcakes

  1. Yes, home-made pink cupcakes (coloured with beetroot juice) call for dainty rosebud china and time in the great outdoors. And the yoghurt would have made these little beauties so very moist, I say with my little pinky held aloft.


    • Super soft and moist Wendy. There is nothing more dreary than a dry old tasteless cupcake that looks pretty but has the taste of the bottom of the flour barrel. I think I’ll be yogurting my cupcakes up forever more now.


  2. Oh, what a timely post, Brydie. I’ve had a hankering for baking for days now. I’ve been trying to resist because after the baking comes the eating, but had just decided to succumb to the urge. Clearly, with your post, the universe is sending me a message


  3. These look divine, and you can’t get any better than the homemade variety. The perfect accompaniment for such a sunny day. Luckily I am planning to make some more yoghurt today so these might just end up on the menu.
    Looks like a wonderful weekend.


    • Thanks Kari. I’d sworn off butter icing after I discovered mascarpone icing instead, but I hadn’t organised myself to make any. The yogurt was a happy compromise and it behaved while I piped it…sort of!


  4. Yum! Isn’t it funny how sometimes we get a little obsession that won’t go away until we feed them…or in your case, yourself and the monkeys πŸ˜‰ Pink cupcakes – what a delightful obsession to have!


    • I was surprised at how well the old beetroot juice did. I’ll definitely play more with the different natural colourings. Most of my cakes these days are just white/natural coloured icing.
      Any tips Ms Cake Queen? πŸ™‚


    • A sea of pink is rather alarming. I hated anything with pink until I was well into my 20’s…. actually maybe that’s it…I’m making up for lost time! (But Little Monkey does still smell like pink cupcakes.)


  5. pretty – you really need some beetroot powder if you are avoiding red food dye – it makes a wonderful colour – I just wish I had your icing skills and I would try it – one day – meanwhile can just smell my little pink cupcake Sylvia at home


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