green takeaway coffee cups

I like coffee. I really do. I don’t think I have a coffee habit, I just really like the stuff. Good coffee, (I don’t bother wasting my time with bad coffee.)

For our home coffee I can only get from one place in the whole city. Kind of restrictive yes, but that’s what the palate dictates. It’s fairtrade, it’s local-ish, (from East Timor) and tastes just fine.

Mr Chocolate also likes coffee. He didn’t before he met me though. Before me he was a tea drinker. Ha!…not now though. Long work hours, two pint sized Monkeys, and a coffee brewing wife all point towards kissing that tea goodbye a long time ago.

All those long work hours, requires the odd pep up from his favoured local barristas during the working week. Always on the go he needs a coffee to match so it needs to be a takeaway coffee. Last year The Monkeys gave him a reusable coffee cup (KeepCup) for those weekly coffee pickups. Instead of using a disposable cup, sucking back the black liquid, and casting the cup aside. He could now hand the cup over, get it filled, suck back the black liquid and wash it for next time.

There are a few different reusable coffee cups out there on the market these days. As more people spread the word and hand over their cups to their local barristas, I hope this will just become the norm for takeaway coffee drinkers.

One less thing to be dumped into landfill.

21 thoughts on “green takeaway coffee cups

  1. My Keep Cup is still going strong after almost a couple of years, but as I don’t drink coffee anymore (except an occasional decaf, usually in a proper cup at a cafe) and my tea doesn’t taste the same from a plastic cup, so am thinking of getting one of the ceramic type ones with silicone lid, but that seems an awful lot to haul around… hmmm…


  2. Excellent, love all the green options available now for the coffee drinkers. Knowing how many not so green cups get bought at our local coffee joint – makes you shudder knowing that many disposable coffee cups hit the landfill every single day (& that’s just from one booming coffee joint). I’ve got ma own stylish little number (in fact I think I’ve got at least 3 or 4 of ’em). wish more would get into these 🙂


  3. Before moving to France I lived in a beach town called Raglan in New Zealand, where I’m from originally. I love my town because everyone is pro on recycling and keeping out environment clean. If you ever go there I think you’d love it.


  4. They gave them out to everyone in the office where I work around nine months ago. You barely see anyone use them unfortunately. I don’t drink coffee so mine is sitting on my desk gathering dust….


  5. I don’t get takeaway coffee very often, but I am getting one of those – great idea. I miss my cappuccino and sfoglia at the bar across the bridge. It is just not the same here.


  6. I’ve been looking at purchasing one of these – I would definitely like to reduce the unnecessary packaging when I buy a take away cup – but have been worrying about the materials used in the different cups. There was all that publicity on problematic materials in reusable water bottles and I think it got to me! With that said, I really just need to commit to choosing a brand and get on with it…this could be the motivation to do so 🙂


  7. Love the idea. Work gave them out to everyone but I don’t see many people using them. Forgetfulness I think as most people get a coffee before they enter the building and the cups are on their desks inside!


  8. I’m not a coffee drinker myself and work from home so it is no issue for me. However, my kids are starting to get a collection of these vessels – they fall out of the plastics cupboard whenever I open it.


  9. I am coffee obsessed!
    I usually drink coffee made with these beans
    ground and brewed by my farmer boy barista.
    I have a keeper cup for when I am in Melbourne though and I love that some cafes charge less when you bring your own cup.
    Bren has a little plan that when we are on our caravan adventure he’ll make and sell coffees from our caravan anex for those who bring their own mugs and I’ll bake and sell muffins and cookies. Might be a way to pay for the petrol.


  10. I am not a huge fan of silicone (add a plasticy taste to everything) but I do have a stainless steel double walled cup that I use to take coffee with me to kids sports matches etc. Never thought to take it to a cafe with me..hmm…not that I am doing a lot of that these days with my new coffee machine addiction still going strong. Good point though…we should all do what we can.


  11. We brew up a cup each day and take it to work in travel mugs…our local grocery store gives them away for a donation to the children’s hospital…and free refills for the year


  12. I always try to use a re-usable travel mug, much better for the environment and helps to have a slightly clearer conscience.

    The header photo on my blog is from Newfoundland. It was taken up on a big hill above a place called Woody Point, looking down into Bonne Bay. Beautiful isn’t it?


  13. I’ve been eyeing off these cups lately…although I just forked out quite some $ on a plunger/cup all in one for hubby who likes to take his coffee with him on the train. Personally, I knock off the daughter’s small thermos for my drinks as they usually need to stay warm for if going to kids sport, school activites etc. These cups do tempt me though..


  14. I’ve been eyeing those and similar things for a while. Last year I bought myself a nice thermos to take coffee or tea to uni in, and it’s been great – I save the price of the coffee as well as the cup, and I was given a bunch of nice teabags that I could bring with me too (I got to know where all the boiling water taps on my side of campus are). But now I’m out of teabags (I drink loose leaf at home) and I’ve been getting more into coffee of late I find myself buying coffee again and going through the coffee cups quicker than I’d like… My thermos is great to carry around, but it’s a small, tall, narrow one and I’m hesitant to hand it to a barista because of the shape.


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