My hero, my coffee

Sitting in a cafe trying to concentrate on the papers in front of me, my brain was idle. Thoughts were wondering and I couldn’t keep track of what was in front of me.

Damn it. The barrister gave me decaf… It’s not working.

Psychologically my brain started to give up. What was the point in studying if it was going to be half hearted attempt. I needed the vip and vim to keep going. To register what I was reading properly. My shoulders slumping, my eyes half closed, my mind was already on a beach in the Pacific some where. Lazy waves, sliding up to the shore, the warm sun beating down on me, the distant cry of a …

Just then, out of the blue. Like a super hero charging through the crowds, with arms out stretched calling to me. Calling my name.

Ta dahh!!


It hit. With arms outstretched, my head slightly tilted back. I relished its embrace. The world had realigned, my soul uplifted once more. My pen speeds up, my thoughts sharpen, the words on the papers no longer blur. My papers once again my friend rather than foe.

My hero, my coffee.

12 thoughts on “My hero, my coffee

  1. Loved this piece!
    I never drank coffee- only tea and coke for caffeine until my youngest son would make a pot mid-afternoon and invite me to chat over a cup.
    I really didn’t appreciate the coffee as much as the chat.
    Now, I treasure both.


  2. OOohhhhh, I hear you Sista. I write in my journal each night 5 things I’m grateful for & you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve found myself being grateful for a good cuppa coffee.., I’d drive across town for it, but that’s another story…


  3. Celia- I certainly get things done a lot quicker when there is a coffee on board…you gave it up? Brave, very brave.

    Carly- Its a nice thing to look forward to in the day isn’t it.

    Heidiannie- There is nothing, absolutely nothing I love better than the coffee pot ritual and afternoon chat. Many of the worlds problems have been solved over a coffee at my kitchen table.

    Anna- when its good its sooo good! I would rather eat my elbow than drink bad coffee- whats the point? šŸ™‚


  4. At the risk of suffering a verbal attack, I’ll confess I’m actually a tea drinker. I do enjoy a milky coffee when out though…*ducking for cover now*.

    What are you studying? Tell me to shut my trap if I’m being too nosy! šŸ™‚


    • WHAT!!! TEA???…actually, I like tea too. Give me a chai first thing in the morning and I am a happy woman. So you are not to be banished to the furthest outposts of the coffee drinking realm today šŸ™‚
      Not too nosy, I’m doing a doula course. Distance learning so I have to be a bit more on top of it.


  5. Lol! Chai is one of my favourites too. And I have nothing against coffee, just my first preference is tea.

    Ahh, doula. This is very special. I wish you all the best with your studies. I have a midwife friend who only does homebirths (different to a doula, I realise) and it is always lovely to hear her stories. It is a beautiful person who follows this path šŸ™‚


    • Its certainly something that I love. There is nothing better than a wonderful birth story, my eyes glaze over, heart beats a little faster and belly fills with an instant warmth…ahh, babies.
      Your friend is a rare breed at the moment.


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