lime and orange marmalade

If I could choose one thing to successfully grow I would have a lime tree.

A happy one that just insisted on giving and giving with lime after lime.

Yes, that’s what I’d have. No lime tree here, but I do have the occasional access to a short stumpy happy lime tree that gives up plump juicy limes just begging to be picked. Actually the limes didn’t have a choice, plucked from their leafy foliage, and slung into a box rather unceremoniously. I had marmalade on my mind as my stocks were low after last years batch of Cumquat and Lime Marmalade and I needed my citrus fix.

Lime and Orange Marmalade

limes thinly sliced

oranges peeled (I only used the flesh, not the skin)

chopped fruit in a bowl, (I used half orange, half lime) water just over the top, and soaked over night

weigh it all, and equal amount in sugar

cooked up, until marmalade passes the saucer test.

32 thoughts on “lime and orange marmalade

  1. Oh, you! You and your wonderful photos, your delicious recipes, your warming words… I wish you were my sister and would come to bring me such goodies whilst I am recovering!!


    • B, I would in heart beat! Let me think what I’d put in my hamper….
      a jar of this marmalade, a loaf of sourdough, some star biscuits, some fresh pasta, and some soup. (Everyone needs soup when they recovering…) Oh and a slab of Whittakers dark almond chocolate because that’s delicious and everyone needs to taste just how delicious.
      Heal well!


  2. What gorgeous jars of marmalade – quite inspiring really. I have a lemon tree and a stunted, struggling orange tree. Might just have to see what I can come up with.


  3. Our lime tree has produced fruit for the first time since we got it – and I am stumped for lime recipes – such a shame – but it is a joy to have the limes growing even though they are not endless – your marmalade sounds lovely – though I don’t think we have that many limes for such things


  4. I’d love a lime tree too…and a really good lemon tree. No success there (other than a ridiculously successful kaffir lime tree that is doing its best to reach for the sky and produces tons of limes in the process – not very useful limes though). My brother had a wonderful lime tree and he brings over bags of limes when he visits. I am always grateful but also feel a twinge of jealousy when I see those wonderful limes!


    • Ah, but kaffir lime leaves, now that would be a happy thing to have in the backyard as well! I can get a stash of them from my dad now and then, but to have a tree that is inclined to reach skyward, now that would be good.


  5. Agree, limes are one of the things I wish we could grow over here. Avocados would top that, but only just. How wonderful you get access to fresh ones occasionally. Marmalade sounds lovely and I like the slithers of green standing out amongst the orange.


  6. Delish! And so pretty too! I don’t think it is warm enough here to grow limes, but we do get plenty of berries – and they are just coming in to season! I can’t wait to start jamming again!


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