dressing for the season

It’s been cold here the last few days. Not Hobart cold, not Melbourne cold, not Dusseldorf cold and not Lapland cold… but Sydney cold. Cold enough for people to walk a bit quicker. For the Monkeys to make hot breath drawings and cold enough for me to want to keep frantically crocheting something warming and useful.

It took me 32 years to work out that if it’s cold, I should dress warmly. Crazy huh? (not just by wearing jeans that are long enough.)

Why had it taken so long for me to work out and why did it take an ayurvedic consultant to point that one out to me?

I have no idea. But, I’m happy to report that since that fateful day, I have tried to dress appropriately and not looked back.

Winter now sees looped scarves, warm thick socks and sensible layers. Not that I was ever one to zip about in mini skirts and high heels in the middle of winter. I did though, regularly wear just one up from summer clothing, and wondered why I didn’t like the cold so much. The cold is only miserable, if you are cold. Once again, crazy isn’t it?

Dressing appropriately in a cold environment lets you in on a whole different world. For one, I can now actually see the world, rather than hunched over, staring at my feet, trying to generate some warm thoughts down to my frozen toes.

Thankfully I’d already cottoned on to the the fact that if you dressed appropriately in rainy weather, that also was enjoyable…and that only took me 25 years to work that one out.


32 thoughts on “dressing for the season

  1. weird how something so sensical can completely pass us by… you are not the only one. I grew up in Armidale (freezing!! minus 8 in the winter) and remember walking down the road in the coldest weather, I had a big smile on my face because the only parts of me that were cold were my hands, feet and face. I had ample layers on to keep me warm and it was as though I had some kind of secret… fantastic memory.
    Cold weather is beautiful if you can get warm, but not if you can’t afford the clothing or blankets, or don’t have a home. I try to appreciate what I have on when I brave the glorious chill.


  2. I love the cold and not having exeperienced a Sydney winter for many years I’m somewhat bemused to see folk wearing fluffy ear muffs and fur lined apres ski boots. It’s cold but not that cold!

    Is that a scarf you made? If you’re wanting to start a side venture, I’ll like to put in an order now please! Looks great. Happy skiing folk!


  3. I read somewhere once, long ago, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” It has stuck with me ever since.

    cheers Kate


  4. Someone once told me (while we were in Mongolia and it was -40degC!) that there’s no such thing as too cold, only inappropriate clothing. From then on I’ve had such a different perspective on winter – only took 29 years!

    And as for the rain thing – I used to think umbrellas were too much work and it was better to get wet. What was I thinking?! Rain is so gorgeous viewed from under a big umbrella.

    Keep warm – it’s freezing in Melbourne too – and enjoy the winter woolies.


  5. It has been quite cold here in Brisbane for the last couple of days. I love it. Brisbane people fall into 2 camps – those who shiver in summer clothes and thongs and those who drag out all sorts of winter clobber that has been sitting in mothballs for years. I love the cold weather -you can actually wear something with long sleeves and I just love socks. I love going for a walk and not getting all steamed up. Bring on the cold weather!!!


  6. It’s been pretty freezing in Brisbane these past few days too (and by freezing I don’t mean freezing, but you understand). I was actually wishing I was wearing my huge wool felt coat I bought when I lived in Canada. But it’s a great excuse to drag out all my handknits, and I’m inspired to knit more! There are not enough hats in my wardrobe, and I definitely need to make that fair-isle cardigan I’ve been dreaming up for years…


  7. Hooray for crochet! Your scarf looks fab!! And particularly cosy too, if I may add. It really is surprising what a second pair of socks, a waterproof raincoat (yes, some of them aren’t waterproof!) and a scarf can do for us, isn’t it! Sooo….what’s next on your crochet agenda? Gloves? Hat? Or a tea cosy to keep your chai nice’n’snug?

    PS…I just realised..is THIS the alpaca you were playing with? Beautiful!


    • No, not the alpaca. This scarf is from an agora silk linen (??) mix. But, I am playing with the alpaca wools. Some fingerless gloves are done and a hat is being worked on. No tea pot to make a tea cosy for, so it looks like I’ll be wearing it on my head instead!


  8. I am guilty of this on occasion. Exhibit A: On Thursday we went to our school’s 50th Anniversary assembly. I *thought* I rugged up (it was v. cold on Thurs as you may recall?) but I froze to my spine. It resulted in me getting cranky, having a minor dummy spit and leaving the post-assembly family ‘picnic’ early. Lesson learnt? Thermal top, long-sleeved T-shirt and polarfleece vest is NOT enough. Bring your jacket and scarf next time! x


  9. Who would have thought our Mums were right all those year ago when they were telling us to make sure we had a singlet on? I quite often think I am channelling my ‘inner-Nanna’ when I leave the house in the morning. Cardie? Check. Scarf? Check…


  10. Oh how funny…I have a terrible, terrible tendency to just wear summer tops with a thin layer and then add a coat and scarf! Semi-fine outside, but as soon as I’m inside and take off the coat, I’m freezing unless there is good heating. Perhaps not the best approach. With all of that said, we’re heading to Tasmania cold in 2 weeks so I’m getting ready to wear just about everything I own at once!


  11. Your scarf is lovely. I have been tossing the idea of knitting one or making a crochet one when we get home at the end of the month – might just have to make both, just for good measure. 🙂
    I must admit that I feel the cold before it is cold! I am definitely a summer person.
    Keep warm.
    🙂 Mandy


  12. I love winter because I love dressing up warmly and actually regret that Melbourne isn’t colder in winter because I miss the snuggly dressing in the UK when it was really cold – or maybe I just miss all the wonderful festive lights in winter


  13. I think the whole thing about inappropriate clothes is down to youth, to a certain degree. I have memories of swanning around on some of the wintry Adelaide evenings of my salad days wearing little more than a halter neck dress, some platform shoes and a smile – freezing cold, but hoping that I looked fabulous.


  14. Fantastic scarf you clever girl and so elegant with the beautiful button. Having grown up in a cold house and in a cold and wet climate, it always makes me cross when people won’t dress appropriately and then moan about needing the heating put up. So glad you won’t make me cross 😉


  15. The scarf is gorgeous – really elegant! I might regret asking this, but how cold is Sydney cold at the moment? I think I’m going to be jealous of your reply because it’s supposedly summer here – it’s windy, been raining almost constantly all day and when I ventured out in the car the thermometer greeted me with the news that it’s 10 degrees C. Summer, what summer? Can I have your winter please?!?


    • ahhh, 10 degrees is not really summer weather is it. Our winter just might be warmer than your summer C. The coolest is got down to was 6 last week, but than it can go up to 18 during the day on some warmer days.


  16. I love the scarf- and the button (?) closure.
    So cute- I just went from 95 F to 62F in 10 hours of traveling.
    I need to find some place with 70 F year round.


      • I’m home for a week or so and then off to the Pacific west coast to see my brother for 10 days. He says he rented a beach cottage for us- but that the temps on that side of the country are in the 60 F range- so a little on the cool side!
        A log fire always sounds good to me. 🙂


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