Basmati Kale- Frugal Friday

Kale is something that has been sneaking into more and more of my cooking lately. It’s an easy one to chop up and quickly cook, provided you are not using the stalks which can take a little longer. (It’s also known as tuscan kale or cavolo nero.)

I find it a subtle taste, which somehow quite often gets by The Monkeys. Β They seem to ignore the obvious green foliage in their dinner and any time that happens I’m certainly up for making the dish again. Being a dark leafy green it’s also loaded with all things exceptionally good for you.

The leaves cook up quickly like spinach or silverbeet, in a wilty kind of fashion that doesn’t require a whole lot of stove time.Β Perfect for a Frugal Friday dinner.

I used my flat bottomed wok with this little number because, 1/ I’m addicted to using the thing and 2/….actually there is no two. I just really like using the flat bottomed wok. Easily done in a regular pot though.

Basmati Kale

A couple of slurps of olive oil in the pan

add some diced garlic

the chopped kale leaves

and some basmati rice

cover the rice and kale mixture with water until it’s just over the top

add a good couple of shakes of dried cumin, coriander, (don’t be shy) and salt to taste

pop the lid on

keep a beady eye on the pot, add some more water to the top of the rice mixture when it’s all absorbed

give it a stir around and pop that lid on again

when the water has disappeared again, check to see rice is juuussst about cooked

turn hot plate off and leave the lid on for 5-ish minutes (it’s still doing it’s thing)

serve with natural yogurt or fetta and some local nuts*

for a vegan option just drizzle with extra olive oil and local nuts

and a dusting of dried chilli if you like a kick in the pants.

* I used pecan halves here. Pine nuts, walnuts, cashews etc. would all taste great though. Use what ever you can get that is grown locally. Alternatively try your local bar at closing time on a Saturday night… local nuts a plenty, (although not so great on top of your kale.)

30 thoughts on “Basmati Kale- Frugal Friday

  1. Brydie, we made a decision this year to grow more kale – it was such a hit last time! Your dish sounds delicious, and for some reason I think it would be nice with a poached egg. πŸ™‚


  2. Cannibalism? good one… We just put in our first ever crop of bright lights kale…I thought maybe the colors of the stems would be enticing to the kids who love color.


  3. I love cavolo nero…my favourite winter veggie. I love it slow cooked in a ribollata or similar as I find the flavour intesifies/improves with the long cook. This quick cook meal sounds lovely too.


  4. Kale is my absolute favourite vegetable and I eat it every day.

    Have you tried Kale chips yet? They are the so good, I can easily demolish a whole tray by myself!


  5. We get lots of different sorts of Kale here, curly kale is more popular and more widely available, and the supermarkets charge a premium price for the cavolo nero for some reason. We have grown it very succesfully in the past and like it as much as the cabbage whites do! I am not sure if we have got any seed sown this year, thanks for the reminder and the lovely recipe!


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