top tips for apple and rhubarb crumble

 Always wash your rhubarb really well.

 Use a chopping board to chop the rhubarb stalks. Don’t use the back of your thumb. It leads to ‘old lady cracked thumb chopping syndrome’, and it’s tricky to get rid of.

Be careful not to overfill your baking dish.


37 thoughts on “top tips for apple and rhubarb crumble

  1. I HAVE had the ‘old lady cracked thumb chopping syndrome’ !
    It took me several weeks of coconut oil and shea butter warmed and slathered on the area!
    I love the photo of the slug. Although I HATE slugs or is that a snail?
    Your crumble is lovely. I made rhubarb fizz for the Tea to go event- Rhubarb Fizz – fortified with lemon and orange juice and a simple syrup of sugar and rhubarb cooked until it falls to almost a sauce- them fizzed up with gingerale or seltzer water- it is yum!


    • Snail, icky thing it is. Sitting in the foliage he was, and yes I think they are disgusting slime bags as well.
      The thumb, I’m a slathering!
      Your rhubarb fizz sounds lovely Heidi. I hope you get time to get a photo or two for Saturday.


    • Oh, oh oh!!!! A bite! Since buying more from markets and CSA boxes I have washed a lot more as there is quite often a cling on hiding in there somewhere. Generally I don’t mind as it means (to me) nothing nasty was sprayed/used on it… that being said, I have never bitten in to one.


    • Sonya I did a post recently on a basic crumble mixture. For this one though I made it more of an American style cobbler.
      100gms melted butter, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 cup self raising flour, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp lemon zest. Mix it all through, and it’s looking a little dry. This is where I add a little water, it will look like a thick porridge and I just slap it down in spoonfuls on top of the cooked apple and rhubarb. (The water sounds wrong, but it does work!) At 180C until golden.
      Gluten free… I’m out of my depth unfortunately. Oats definitely quite often find there way into my crumbles if oats are ok for you, and I also like almond meal as well. Using a combination of the two I think would work with the sugar/butter/lemon/cinnamon…. hmm, I’ll have to play. Are oats generally ok for gluten free diets?


  2. haven’t bought rhubarb yet this winter – I must – but I have to get out to the markets as the stuff in the supermarkets just looks so sad – love the bubbling crumblie overflowing as long as you don’t have to clean it off the oven


  3. When I finished cheffing full time I was delighted when my hands & fingers returned to normal size, never realized how muscley fingers get till I stopped the endless chopping, so sympathies with the old ladies thumb girl, but give it time, your girly fingers & thumbs will be back in no time.
    Love your pics too 🙂


    • Thanks Anna.
      The imagery I got of your muscley fingers 🙂
      I think those girl fingers of mine are going to take some sweet time unfortunately. (Bread kneading though, is good for the forearms!)


  4. I have cracked thumbs but not from crumble – just the turn of the season which I’m otherwise loving. Would love it more if the crumble found it’s way into my hands though! Just out of interest, what did you have baking on the rack below?


  5. I love apple crisp in the fall and strawberry rhubarb in the spring…just a few more weeks until the strawberries are ready! I hate old lady thumb cuts…I learned the hard way when freezing way too much rhubarb last summer, but I had a bumper crop and felt obligated…


  6. Ooh, I did this thumb naughty that you describe – at the primary school last week. Definitely not the best way to teach kids how to chop small carrots!!

    If we had a meat cleaver it would be tempting at times to pull it out for chopping (hacking) rhubarb – I find some of it really tough! Lovely looking crumble/cobbler you have there 🙂

    PS I love a good dribble down the sides too…it tells us that it is well and truly cooked to juicy perfection!


  7. Oooooooooooooo yum I love overflowing crumble (although not the cleaning it up bit). Can you believe I haven’t had crumble once this Autumn!! Must set that to rights this weekend!!


  8. Hee hee, I love a bubbling crumble too and I always use a board. The season of small beasties living in the fridge is nigh… earwigs last year…. though I don’t think I’ve had a snail before. Shh don’t tell everyone or they’ll all want one ( I know, it was my Grandpa’s joke!) 😀


  9. Yum! Even though it isn’t smart to overload a baking dish, I just love the look of the crumble filling streaming down the outside of the dish! Delicious!


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