Blueberry Rye Sourdough

using fresh blueberries

Jamie Oliver has a recipe called Sexy Swedish Buns. They look tasty, and I would probably quite enjoy them, but they also looked rather messy to make. I must have been missing the sexy part. There were two key ingredients though in the buns that caught my attention. Blueberries and Cardamom.

Still on the hunt for new sourdoughs to concoct, I mused awhile on those two ingredients. Blueberries are subtle and as long as I didn’t go overboard with the cardamom it should work for a sourdough… But, then I was thinking rye. Rye and cardamom…

using dried blueberries

Both ingredients, to me taste of the earth. Not in the way that fresh beetroot does, but in a way that seems to feed the soul. It feels good going in. It feels right after you eat them. My belly seems to sigh a little sigh of contentment after eating either one of them. In the bread, the cardamom doesn’t overpower the rye, the two of them seem to hold hands. Lying entwined together, uncompromising of their own unique tastes.

AtΒ risk of sounding like a fluffy hippy who has had one too many snuffs of the patchouli, I have put some thought in to this. Mouthfuls have been mused on, the recipe tweaked, and then tweaked again. The blueberries, while not a strong flavour from the beginning, are just an extra subtle addition to the entwined lovers that be cardamom and rye. The three of them together, seem to make a loaf that’s subtle on the palate and easy on the belly.

Peace brothers and sisters.

Blueberry Rye Sourdough

200gms starter

1 1/2 cup strong bakers flour (150gms approx)

1 cup rye flour (150gms approx)

200mls water (approx)

1 tps cardamom

1/2 cup fresh blueberries (I’ve also used dried blueberries, which were just as good. Soak first.)

1 tps salt

Mix starter, flours, water together. Wait for 20 minutes. Add blueberries, cardamom and salt. Mix again. (Blueberries fall out a little but just keep sticking them in) Prove for an hour or two. Quick fold and shape, and then into the fridge overnight. Back out and bring it back to room temperature. Slash, and bake at 250C with steam.

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33 thoughts on “Blueberry Rye Sourdough

  1. Wow, that’s really tasty and simple. I’m not that great at baking these kinds of bread: I’m always afraid they turn out a disaster… What if I use cranberry instead of blueberry?


  2. I’m definitely going to have to try this one Brydie. Thanks for the recipe. Haven’t tried my hand at making sour dough yet, but have wanted to for an age. I usually just buy Sol Bread instead when I can get it. But cardamom is one of my most fav spices, and I even made soap using the oil once. Tasty smell indeed! πŸ™‚

    Had to chuckle at the comment about patchouli snuffing! The perfume evokes a heap of memories for me.

    Thought you might be interested in the following link, because strangely enuf it comes after your blog link on my blog at the mo, and you said above you’re on the hunt for new sour dough to concoct! There might be something there you’d like.
    It’s quite a handy site actually.

    How did you go with the research into Cleo’s milk? Successful I hope. Even though a lot of the info at those links was probably a bit old, from what I’ve been told it’s still quite relevant. x


    • Thanks for that link Pam. There are some lovely sounding sourdoughs listed there.
      Sourdough is a wonderful beast, I’ll bet you’ll never look back if you start making it.
      Cleo’s milk I did find! So thank you for that too.


  3. Cardomom and rye is an excellent combination. You often find it in Finland, where the bread is excellent. Blueberries are always welcome.


  4. The bread looks scrumptious.
    And really, the idea of cardamom and Rye lying together entwined was a little sexy all on its own! (blush.)
    You are quite good as a matchmaker with flavors!


  5. yum that looks so good! Will have to give that one a try I think. Local blueberry farm near me & we have picked and frozen 10kgs of them. yum yum!


  6. Do you think you were Scandinavian in a former life my hippy friend? I can practically smell that gorgeous loaf from here, snowy Stockholm streets, and sweet spices and little blue berries…. very lovely indeed πŸ™‚


    • Ahh, I’ve wished it so on many occasions. I always joke with Mr Chocolate about my strong German heritage, (which could be Scandinavian). Despite the fact that I have to go back about 300 years before it is so πŸ™‚


  7. Nice to see you being ‘creative’ with your sourdough things – good attitude. There’s a theory among many chefs that foods of a locale are naturally complementary, and if that’s true, the combo of cardamom and rye outta be a natural. since they have come to us from the same part of the world. (although I don’t think cardamom grows in Scandinavia, it just became their favorite imported spice – well, guilt by association then!)


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