he’s unfurling

I think Monkey Boy is unfurling. Actually I know he is.

Not a day goes by, that he doesn’t say something that stops me in my tracks and making me turn my head to listen, really listen to him. I can’t keep up with the rate his brain is racing at. Some where along the lines he’s leaving the baby boy behind and turning into a real boy.

Questions that make me stop and consider my answers. Not answers easily rolling off my tongue, as say the wrong thing and I know it will be back to bite me.

He unfurls a little more.

Seemingly uninterested in a conversation he will come back hours after, having considered every part and now has come up with his own conclusion.

He told us recently in a matter-of-fact tone, he didn’t want to be bothered by dying. He really loved our family, and that every one should eat a good diet to be as healthy as possible, so we could live as long as possible.

Those bread rolls look really tasty in the cake shop but Mama your’s are a lot better for us, so we should eat them.

The other day he saw a man on a push scooter. We were both excited by it as it was different to the usual kinds. He thought about it and then said…” when the man’s finished with his scooter and doesn’t want it any more, maybe he will leave it on the street and then we can have it. Then we move, we can leave our other scooters that we don’t need anymore on the street for someone who needs them too. Do you think that’s a good idea?”

I think that’s a great idea.

He’s reading and doing simple maths. They both suddenly clicked and I am so glad I’m there to see it. Watching it all suddenly make sense. Seeing that twinkle in his eye and excitement wash over his face when he realises he can work things out for himself. Not because he’s been made to, but because he wants to.

Makes my heart swell with love, pride and so many other emotions that I dare to pack into it…

This week he starts school. Looking so proud in his new uniform, his excitement is contagious.

He’s getting ready to unfurl just a little more.

29 thoughts on “he’s unfurling

  1. Oh, but the unfurling reveals such wonderful things in your kids, doesn’t it! Bittersweet in so many ways, but how lucky we are to watch our kids growing up. Little Miss M starts ‘big’ school next week too…


  2. Oh wow…, now that’s gotta be the loveliest testimony to your joy & love of parenting. Your kid’s sounds like he’s just about got all the right ingredients to step forward into his big life ….., hugs to you Brydie, your presence in your kid’s life is obviously paying off. Can’t ask more than that huh 😉


  3. I remember that stage so very well! Take a mental picture and save it to savor in the future and then get ready for the ride of your life.
    Being a part of your children’s lives IS the reward of parenthood. He is gifting you with his thoughts and conclusions-allowing you to come along with him on his adventure into the future.
    My sons are grown- but they keep allowing me to come along on their adventure- I loved parenting boys-Love spending time with my men.


  4. Your MB is a wonderment to me. He is full of inquisitiveness, a quiet intelligence and quite the most charming boy. This is a beautiful post dedicated to a beautiful person and I trust that in time, if not already, he’ll truly savour these wonderful words about him.


  5. These times are so precious. I love seeing glimpses of who they are going to be, even though it’s sad to leave the little child in them behind. Enjoy every moment, dear Brydie!! 🙂


  6. Ah that brings back memories Brydie. We are re-experiencing a tiny bit of that first day at school thing this week too as my little/big Sam is starting year 5 in a new school. His sister is devastated and missing having him at school with her. Suffering from the “missing my brother tummy ache” at the moment and home being miserable on the sofa. He is nervous and excited at the same time….
    They grow up too fast.
    I often wish I could shrink them back to being 5 again…such a wonderful age. Make the most of it. And good luck for the first day of school – you will need it more than he will! Do they have ‘cheers and tears’ at your school for the new kids mums? Make sure you go if they do.


  7. Oh your little boy sounds gorgeous & what an awesome Mumma he must be learning from. My daughter is just over 2 and she is teaching me so much about life & myself – they seem to have a way of making you learn more about who you are and why you do what you do. I love it!


  8. I love those moments when a young child’s brain sparks. They are sometimes referred to as “windows of opportunity” as suddenly the brain starts to function on fast forward. Love this post.


  9. Oh, oh what a lovely post, makes my heart swell too – I think writing might be your métier – or one of them anyway. I love the imagery of unfurling – a great way to describe growing up. Hope Monkey Boy enjoys school and you don’t miss him too much.


  10. He will start to grow away from you when he starts school. It is difficult, but necessary. Wait until he starts saying “But the teacher said” Sometimes I wanted to strangle that teacher. Those early years go so quickly – enjoy them.


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