QLD Floods

All photos taken from ABC News website.

ABC Emergency Coverage

QLD Premier’s Flood Appeal

The Salvation Army

Australian Red Cross

Lifeline’s Flood Appeal

It seemed a little odd for me to continue on with my normal posts without acknowledging the Queensland Floods. For anyone that would like to help out, or needs help, above are some of the appeals and helplines.

11 thoughts on “QLD Floods

  1. Terrible, terrifying pictures. I have been reading Debra/Liz’s blog too. We have rain forecast here for the next four days. It’s the aftermath of these events that shows how countries governments and NGOs match up to the horrendous clean up tasks. I was reading about Haiti a year on last weekend. It’s not good, none of it. I hope Queensland recovers well once the waters go down.


  2. Thanks for putting all those links up Brydie. I’m sure it would be appreciated by many up here in Qld that need them.
    Would you believe, that just before I put up my post yesterday about the flooding up here, that I’d read on one of the news sites that there was a huge bushfire burning out of control over in Western Aust??!!! It’s all just going quite crazy!


  3. Thanks for the post and the links, Brydie.
    We’ve been watching and praying for those in the affected areas.
    It seems like something-somewhere has gone out of whack and there is devastation all around the world.
    Praying and lending a hand in need – or donating to help.
    I agree with Jo- hope Queensland recovers quickly and well after the waters go down.


  4. Yeah, I’ve felt funny posting “normal” posts as well. I know so many people (both blogosphere and “real life” in Brisbane and Qld) and it’s just beyond words to see places I know and love underwater. I hope everyone who reads your post Brydie is safe and well, that they have enough food and candles, and hopefully there is no water anywhere near their home.


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