Morroccan Pumpkin with Cous Cous- Frugal Friday

a good slurp of olive oil

some finely diced garlic

sliced onion

knob of diced ginger

good sprinkle of cumin

another good sprinkle of coriander

make it a dash of cinnamon

pop in some cut up pumpkin

cook it all until the pumpkin is soft

now add some english spinach roughly chopped

season it

now wilt it down

slap it on a mound of cous cous

add a dollop of natural greek style yoghurt

be generous with some dried chilli* (or fresh)

and serve it up

Frugal Friday dinner made in a very short space of time


* chilli gives your dinner some attitude… I like my meal with attitude


15 thoughts on “Morroccan Pumpkin with Cous Cous- Frugal Friday

  1. Celia- Dead easy isn’t it 🙂

    Heidi- thats how I cook. A whole lot of slurping, slapping, dashing and dolloping. I’m not a sifter!

    Amanda- Moroccan flavours are always a good one to play with aren’t they

    Carlz- easy peasy frugal friday


  2. Looks great, the sort of dish you’d get from Ottolenghi and inspiration for what to do with the pumpkin sitting in the garage. Why did I buy it? I think I was going to attempt pumpkin pie, but I forget it till I wander in there to shake the sloe gin jars and then I see it waving at me. 🙂


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