Winter- Hoods in the Woods

Winter sun

Hoods in the woods under a winter sun

Blue skies, and winter sun just ready to be basked in. (Monkey Boys word of the week…bask. It makes me stifle a giggle every time he slips the word in.)

He basks…

13 thoughts on “Winter- Hoods in the Woods

  1. Hooked on to this site via the FIG JAM AND LIME CORDIAL site…and I am speechless and in awe over the spectacular photos…the water and rugged shoreline photos…the ones above…the food photos throughout…Your SANCTUARY love (I myself have a ROOM full of architectural and Interior Design mags but my favorite are the former….There are so many wonderful ones out there and I can relate to what you see in SANCTUARY)..
    It’s after midnight here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but I know I will make my way back to this terrific site..!
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful place…


    • Your more than welcome Leslie. Thank you for taking the time to look. Architecture and interior design books and mags are a killer for me- so many dreams, so many ideas, so many…I wonder if one day…Sanctuary magazine particularly!


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