pain and cooking

Eyes filling with fresh tears

Not unshed tears, but tears not shed for that day.

A sob sits at my throat, wanting to take over

Its not my sorrow though, its not my sob to have.

The pain is yours, and it truly breaks me to know how grief sits so close to you.

To be able to take that away for you, if only for 5 minutes,

Let your heart, mind and soul rest a while.

As my own tears fill, my heart pounds at the thought of it all,

And what you and your family must now go through.

Say the word and I will be there…


For me food and emotions go hand in hand. When it’s someones birthday, I want to celebrate and make them a cake. When someone goes through a wonderful milestone, I want to show that I am so very happy for them and make them something delicious to rejoice in that. Just is the case when something sad happens to someone. The best way I know to say I’m so sorry that this is happening, I bake.

When someone you love hurts, and nothing I can ever do will ease that grief for them. All I have is endless hugs and combinations of butter and sugar.

My cooking says, I am here… I am so sorry that you are going through this… I am thinking of you….

Sorella, a Chocolate Strawberry Tart for you.

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