Frugal Friday #2

Its the end of the week again, and the fridge is looking a bit slim. I actually don’t mind when it comes to Frugal Friday, as it’s a bit more of a challenge to make something tasty out of not much.

I have a few different breads on my brain this week. Flicking through the lovely ‘Bourke Street Bakery ‘ cookbook there is much to be inspired by. Each recipe makes my heart swell. If there is any cookbook to lay under my pillow at night this would be the one I would choose.

I have been toying with the idea of making a sourdough starter, but have been holding back as it just seems so much work for something I’m not sure of what I am doing- lazy I know. Also lack of space in this little kitchen. Also lack of time, the monkeys they take a lot of it. Excuses, excuses I know. Who knows maybe next week I will change my mind.

I ever entered a bread phase. All I feel like doing is surrounding myself with beautifully risen doughs. There is something quite soul uplifting in kneading, proving, baking, and then eating a food that has been around for ever. I love the science of it and the fact that one tiny little change can completely change the end result.

I grew up with the smell of fresh bread in the air. My mother would make it every third day for the majority of my child hood. When I think of bread, I think of huge rising mounds of proving doughs, rising on the same table that I made pasta on 2 weeks ago. Filtered winter sun coming through the windows, and the kitchen already warm from loaves already baked. It’s such a feeling of comfort to eat bread still warm from the oven.

So I settled on a olive oil bread recipe in the cook book. A little different to any bread that I had made before, but timing it with a monkey nap I could actually put in the mindful attention that it needed and ‘voila‘. Some happy little bread rolls. Sure they didn’t look exactly like the picture- but thats a only a guide right?… and I reckon the next time they just might though.

So budget meal- yes indeed. Resourcefully using a few ingredients that are floating around the fridge with mutterings of”eat me, please eat me”.

Leek and Potato Soup– In a pot put a lovely dollop of olive oil, 2x sliced leeks, 4x potatoes, some vegetable stock, a little  seasoning- and whizz it up. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Serve with some delicious warm bread.

11 thoughts on “Frugal Friday #2

  1. I’m with you, I’ve been putting off the whole sourdough starter thing as well. I just don’t know what I’m doing with it! But there is nothing better than good soup with great bread. And wonderful pictures.


  2. Tricia- its such an easy soup- just a shame my kids don’t like it.
    Celia- Thanks 🙂 I was happy with them.
    Andrea- Sourdough, it will happen one day- and a happy day that will be! Thanks for looking.


  3. Wow, those rolls look beyond amazing and much enhanced by the great photography. I made lamb koftas this week and was searching around for good bread to pile them onto. Yours would have been perfect!


  4. Oh, this book caught my eye in the book shop the other day but unfortunately I didn’t have time to browse. I may just have to go back there for a better look ;0) Your bread looks delicious and just the thing to go with a big bowl of soup!


  5. i love that cookbook too! And your rolls look great. I haven’t tried their olive oil dough…will have to add it to the list. I made their chocolate brownies recently….very decadent, particularly when you consider that they have just over half a kilo of dark chocolate in them!


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