In my kitchen this weekend…

Following on from Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. (A delicious blog where I know if I have any foodie questions, I’m sure she has the answers.) A look at what is happening in my kitchen this sunny weekend.

I made some butter after seeing it on Real Food has Curves. Oh, oh, oh… so soft, so delicate. That really was a something else. Will definitely be enjoying that one.

Getting to flick through my new subscription to Sanctuary magazine… ahhh, so many inspiring houses.

A little espresso action. Maybe, just a tad too much, as things are getting done a lot quicker than they normally would.

Made some bread, to go in a birthday hamper for my sister. I’m still toying with the olive oil dough from the Bourke Street Bakery Cookbook.

9 thoughts on “In my kitchen this weekend…

  1. I can vouch for the butter being delicious- I’m the sister that it was delivered to along with the DELICIOUS bread and fresh fruit.
    It was absolutely lip smacking fantastic.
    Made my soup look a little lame though….


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