Peanut butter and marzipan

Musing one day I was thinking of what foods would sum me up in a nutshell… (why can I not write that without thinking of Austin Powers- “help, help I’m in a nutshell!”) I digress…

Five foods that are me. Foods that define who I am, what I am all about, combined together equal one city hippy farm girl. Five foods if given a week and could only eat these five foods, I would be quite happy. Five foods (not dishes) that are truly delicious and are me, me, me.

Peanut butter– crunchy, and slapped on so thick your tongue gets lost in the fog of it all. The natural one is the best, when its just crushed peanuts. Just quietly, I have been known to eat just with a teaspoon.

Coffee– Its the ritual, the aroma, the kick, and those damn cute little cups. I wouldnt waste my time with instant, its just not the same. The stove top precolator is my weapon of choice. Never to be rushed, always to be enjoyed.

Marzipan– the texture is quite unique don’t you think. It’s kind of gritty, it’s sweet, your not quite sure, so you have a little more. So the circle continues.

Granola/Muesli– it keeps me going and is just the kind of breakfast (or late night snack) that works for me. Lots of seeds and nuts added. Either eaten just with milk or with a dollop of yogurt.

Sourdough– the grainier and fruitier the better. I seriously will have to be cremated with a whole stack of sourdough when its my time to leave this earth. Then everyone can smell just how delicious sourdough is, when they are thinking of me. (a little odd, but think about it…its a good idea isn’t it.)

What would your top 5 be?

6 thoughts on “Peanut butter and marzipan

  1. At Fox studio farmers markets on a wednesday, there is some amazing sourdoughs with whole almonds, and whole figs, plus a few other fruity bits in it- sensational. Some peanut butter slapped on there and I’m in heaven.


  2. Hey that reminds me that we have to work out a meeting time so I can give you some sourdough starter. Are you in the inner city?

    Not sure what my top five would be. Chilli would have to feature in there somewhere as I can’t go for too long without something spicy. Warm, freshly baked cake should be there too but I am not sure if it counts as a single food item! I am with you on the coffee front….and peanut butter too in a way (gets eaten by the teaspoon in the office too when I am too busy to go and get lunch!).


    • Yes the teaspoon and the peanut butter is a bit of problem for me, as long as it doesn’t progress to a dessert spoon though. (We are in the eastern suburbs- thats so kind to want to give me the sour dough starter. It could create a monster!)


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