Italy, it’s woven into my heart beat








I needed to go back and to find a piece of my heart. It was still there where I knew it would be, I just needed to go back and find it again. 

Rejoin the jigsaw.


Seventeen years it took me to get back to Italy. Seventeen years that had been filled with life, a deliciously full life, but now it was time to go back. This time I would be returning not alone as I had done in previous times, but with a family. My family that was ready to embrace all things Italian.

And weave a little of Italy into their heart beat.



10 thoughts on “Italy, it’s woven into my heart beat

    • It’s been under my skin for 24 years now. Impossible to shift, and I suspect a life long passionate love affair of which I’m fairly helpless in stopping. (But then again why, would I?) I thought of you while I was over there Debra, living half here, and half there. So wonderful to be able to do that.


  1. I can definitely relate! I took a small group retreat for 2 weeks to Florence last year for language classes and my mindful art classes…it’s never long enough! Like you Brydie, I was 17 years between visits (1991-2008) but not these last few years… sigh… thanks for sharing 🙂


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